Dentist Who Groped Patients Sentenced to Jail

A Melbourne Australian dentist who groped his patients was sentenced to jail for seven years in late 2018. The 60 year old dentist plead guilty to indecent assault of eight patients and one staff member over a period of nearly 20 years. He must serve at least four and a half years before being eligible for parole. The dentist had actually had his registration suspended due to a patient who died after having wisdom teeth removed in August 2017. The dentist had been prevented from treating women since November 2016 as complaints from women began to come in 2014. He first denied three complaints but then as additional complaints came in he was forced to go to trial. In one case the dentist ran his hands against a woman’s hips and breast and mouthed “I love you” to her. In … Read more

Preventing Tooth Decay: Five Simple Dental Care Tips

Everyone hates going to the dentist and yet, most of us neglect our oral hygiene. Oral hygiene doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, but it does require consistency. You need to spend less than 10 minutes every day to prevent tooth decay and save yourself a whole lot of money and pain! Tooth decay is a slow process so it’s not too late to start paying attention to your oral hygiene. A regular dental care routine is essential for healthy teeth. You may have seen fancy dental gadgets in the store, but you don’t really need them – just a toothbrush and floss is enough to keep tooth decay at bay. Here are 5 simple ways to prevent tooth decay: 1. Brush Twice a Day Most of us are so tired by the end of the day, that … Read more

Benefits of Chairside Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants a picture-perfect smile. Chairside or professional teeth whitening can increase the aesthetic allure of your teeth far more than over-the-counter whitening products can do. Because of advancement in modern technology, teeth whitening has become simpler, easier, and more affordable. Remember that nothing can substitute professional teeth whitening treatment. While you may find a lot of teeth whitening products online or in drug stores, you don’t have a guarantee that these will work and give amazing results. In this post, you’ll learn the benefits of professional teeth whitening. Your Safest Option Teeth whitening treatments don’t typically present any significant safety concerns. Whether teeth whitening is performed at home or in our office, dentists ensure a safe environment for patients. A dentist can help you right away if ever you experience issues, such as discomfort and extreme sensitivity. Also, a … Read more

Dental Age Estimation Using MRI of Wisdom Teeth

Recently, three articles have been published on this site regarding using wisdom teeth to estimate age: 1) forensic age estimation using wisdom teeth, 2) using panoramic x-rays of lower wisdom teeth to legally prove if someone is older than 18 years and 21 years , and 3) Using lower wisdom teeth developmental stages determined from panoramic x-rays to calculate age. All such articles use panoramic x-rays of wisdom teeth in order to attempt to estimate the age of the person they came from. However, recently there has also been articles describing using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of wisdom teeth to predict age. One article is by Baumann et al. “Dental age estimation of living persons: Comparison of MRI with OPG,” Forensic Science International, vol. 253, pp. 76–80, 2015. Another article is by Guo et al. “Dental age estimation in living individuals using … Read more

Federal Legislation to Limit the Amount of Money Recoverable From Medical and Dental Lawsuits Harms Patients

Wisdom teeth surgery is often performed in young adults in their late teenage years or twenties and results in up to 10% of all cases complications. Some of these complications can be life altering and either prolong for a long period of time or be permanent. Sometimes patients feel as if they have been wronged by their doctor and file a lawsuit. However, many might be surprised to know that a single liability insurance OMSNIC insures the vast majority (over 80%) of all oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the U.S. and that the vast majority (over 90%) of such lawsuits are found in favor of the oral and maxillofacial surgeons. As a result of this very few patients recover money after filling a lawsuit. To make matters worse many states in the U.S. including California and Texas have laws that … Read more