14 Year old Boy Dies Within 24 Hours of Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Unfortunately another case of a person dieing after having wisdom teeth removed has occurred. See this page for some additional information on death from wisdom teeth removal.

In this case a young 14 year old boy died within 24 hours after having his wisdom teeth removed.

This story has been covered over at DailyMail located at http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2073128/Ben-Ellis-14-dies-just-hours-having-wisdom-teeth-removed.html

The article states the young man had wisdom teeth removed early on a late Wednesday morning. He then took one penicillin tablet and one Oxycodone. He was then found to be dead early the following morning.

An autopsy and toxicology tests are currently being performed.

As indicated by a few of the commentators on the article it is not clear that the death was from the wisdom teeth removal but as speculation it would appear to be the contributing factor.

2 thoughts on “14 Year old Boy Dies Within 24 Hours of Having Wisdom Teeth Removed”

  1. Seriously? How could something like this happen? I know people get wisdom teeth out all the time and it is a relatively safe procedure. I still have one wisdom tooth left in my mouth but this makes me second guess wanting to ever have it removed.

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