The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

I just wanted to share some thoughts on the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. They state on their website that their mission statement is ” to provide a means of self-government relating to professional standards, ethical behavior and responsibilities of its fellows and members; to contribute to the public welfare; to advance the specialty; and to support its fellows and members through education, advocacy and research.” I feel that by promoting the idea of removing healthy impacted wisdom teeth they are not living up to their mission statement. This is because of the harm it causes thousands of Americans each year when they suffer permanent nerve damage from an elective procedure, or the possibility of even death or more serious complications like a chronic 24/7 headache. Thus I feel that The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons … Read more

Migraines Linked to Increased Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

New research shows women who have weekly migraine are significantly more likely to have a stroke than those with fewer migraines or no migraine at all, but those with lower migraine frequency may face increased risk of heart attacks. The Women’s Health Study involved nearly 28,000 women health professionals in the United States who were 45 and older. The women did not have cerebrovascular disease at the beginning of the study and were followed for an average of 12 years. During that time, 706 cerebrovascular events, 305 heart attacks, and 310 ischemic strokes occurred. Of the 3,568 women with migraine at the start of the study, 65 percent reported migraine less than once a month, 30 percent reported one migraine a month and five percent reported at least weekly migraine. Compared to women without migraine, the study found women who … Read more

Wisdom Teeth News

A recent article suggests that ongoing study “links even pain-free wisdom teeth to early gum disease that worsens over time, sometimes causing havoc far beyond the mouth. Indeed, pregnant women with gum disease around their wisdom teeth appear to be much more likely to give birth prematurely than unaffected pregnant women. The latest data suggest that as many as 80 percent of people will develop problems with their wisdom teeth.” I don’t know who came up with this but I don’t think it’s accurate. Most experts no longer believe that crowding is a concern, but the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons typically wrongfully recommends pre-emptive pulling in young adulthood, before symptoms arise, when roots haven’t yet fully formed and surgical risks are lowest. “If you have to have them out when you’re 45, you will not enjoy that,” … Read more

Dental Blogging Contest

Here is another contest around the net and this time it is the focus of dental care. The contest will award the top 3 with $150 worth of wordpress theme coding. This is perfect for anyone who is starting a new blog or website or just wants a redesign. What this means is that your design that has already been done (in like a .psd file) is coded, cut up, and optimized and will then work with wordpress and be a new theme. If you don’t have a .psd file or a design you can also get one made for you. Along with this prize other prizes include receiving free banner advertising and listing on a website. In addition free web hosting is being offered. Head over to dental blogging for your chance to enter and win one of these … Read more

Achieving Publicity

If anyone suffers from a chronic illness they know that in order to help achieve better treatment options for patients and a cure for the disease it needs to achieve publicity. The following are some ways to help better make others know about certain illnesses and conditions so that additional research and knowledge can be attained. 1) Post links as soon as anything is published and share these links with others. I recommended looking at the “Share This” link on the bottom of this post to see some ideas of social networks to share with. 2) Write to doctors with columns in the papers. If you don’t hear back, write another letter. The practice is to write a 150-word ‘synopsis’ of the article you want to write – a bit about the condition, and with experiences you’ve (ie. doctors who … Read more