Saving your Wisdom Teeth

As mentioned in a previous post, it has been revealed that scientists in Japan were able to successfully harvest stem cells from wisdom teeth. This has several implications for patients. The first one being that if you have your wisdom teeth removed, it might be wise to save them, or have someone save them for you. This is because in your lifetime it is possible that the stem cells harvested from the wisdom teeth could be of great importance to you. They could possibly cure diseases and other health problems you may have in the future. What needs to be determined now is the best way to isolate and save the cells. It is not clear from the research from the scientists in Japan whether or not removing the wisdom teeth in certain ways can make it more difficult to … Read more

Google and Wisdom Teeth News

I wanted to update you guys on two quick things. The first is that Google just rolled out a new feature to it’s search engine that used to be only available when you used Google Labs Beta. Now when you search, the engine will have other common searches with those keywords appear along with the number of results for that keyword. I think it is an excellent feature. The second piece of news of wisdom teeth stem cells. “Japanese scientists say they have created human stem cells from tissue taken from the discarded wisdom teeth of a 10-year-old girl.” However, the research suggests that it will be at least 5 years before any practical medical applications. Even so dentists are no starting to hold on to stem cells from wisdom teeth. In fact, I have known about this for nearly … Read more

Antibodies Present Mean Healthier Teeth and Gums

Antibodies present in people with good oral health could become the first tool for dental professionals to assess a patient’s probable response to periodontal disease treatments. The antibody is to a protein called HtpG, the bug that makes it is Porphyromonas gingivalis, an important pathogen in periodontal disease. The antibody also has potential as a vaccine candidate, according to Charles Shelburne, assistant research scientist at the U-M School of Dentistry. Researchers discovered that the HtpG antibodies were present in much lower amounts in people with periodontal disease, and in much higher concentrations in those with healthier teeth and gums. Typically, antibodies are elevated in people with disease, because they help fight the disease. “What has been seen in periodontal disease over the last 30-40 years is that patients with periodontal disease have higher levels of antibodies to the bacteria associated … Read more

Ending the Beijing Summer Olympics

The end of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics is soon coming to a close. So far the United States and Chinese have both been exceling in the olympics. It seems as if the United States will most likely win the most medals amongst gold, silver, and bronze for the games. They already have over 100 total medals. The Chinese will most likely win the most medals for gold. For olympic fans there is some disapointment for the conclusion of the games. The United States men’s volleyball team will compete for Gold on Saturday (8/23/08) at 11:00 P.M. Central Time, 12:00 A.M. (Sunday) Eastern Time, and 9:00 P.M. Pacific Time. This event will be followed by the United States men’s basketball team featuring Kobe and James competing for Gold on Sunday (8/24/08) at 1:30 A.M. Central Time, 2:30 A.M. Eastern Time, … Read more

CrunchGear Birthday

So if you have missed out, CrunchGear has been offering prizes for the past 9 days in celebration of their birthday. Today is the last day to win prizes and they have some great offerings. You can win a Palm Treo Pro, a VC 42-inch LCD TV, and a Lenovo Y510 Ideapad. In order to do so you have to play a little game and find the code for each prize. Once you find it you email CrunchGear to let them know. Head over to CrunchGear for a chance at these great prizes.