The American Dental Society

I just wanted to let everyone know about an event that is upcoming.  “The Evidence Based Approach to Anxiety and Pain Control: Why We Do What We Do,” is the theme for this years American Dental Society of Anesthesiology’s annual meeting. It will be happening April 23-25 at the Marriott Hotel in Chicago. The keynote speaker this year is  Dr. Mark Drangsholt who is an epidemiologist and assistant professor of oral medicine at the  University of Washington.His talk will be about Finding, Evaluating and Applying Clinical Information in a Google-Dominated World. To find out more and obtain registration you will want to visit Even so the official website seems to be a bit spare on containing information about the event. Therefore you should visit the ADA over at

Wisdom Teeth in the News

Here are a few brief highlights of articles and links to them about wisdom teeth. “Dentists give new Meaning to Military Drills.” This article discusses dental work needed for U.S. soldiers. Soldiers have certain requirements they must meet regarding oral health. “Tooth Truth: Dental Surgery is Not all That Bad.” The author discusses his experience with wisdom teeth removal. He also portrays the near death experiences he has heard from others. (Well you could scroll down this blog to find death experiences… ) “Two Sides Quarrel on Wisdom Teeth.” Discusses the different sides of the wisdom teeth debate. Dr. Jay W. Friedman who leads the charge on stopping useless and uncessary removal of wisdom teeth discusses some of his viewpoints.

Portable Applications

I recently have grown interested in looking into portable applications. This is because it seems as if eventually the operating system on my computer becomes corrupted or infected with malware. Thus I usually end up formating each computer I own every year or so. This helps improve the speed, but requires some time to reinstall all my old programs and download software updates. In addition, having a portable application allows you to use it on any computer. All you need is a USB drive and the portable applications on it. Portable applications require no installation, so simply all one has to do is click the .exe file of the app and it will load. I currently do not have a USB drive with enough space to hold all of the portable applications I would like. Even so, purchasing one will … Read more

12 Million Given After Wisdom Teeth Removal Caused Death

In New Jersey, a jury has reached a verdict to award over 12 million to the family of 21 year old Francis Keller who had died the morning after his wisdom teeth extractions. The verdict is believed to be one of the largest ever awarded for dental malpractice. The 21 year old man died from suffocation in August of 2005. The morning after the extractions he had trouble breathing due to swelling in his throat. However, it was known that Keller had a genetic immune disorder which caused severe swelling in reaction to trauma. The oral surgeon who extracted the teeth was aware of the immunity disorder and performed the wisdom teeth removal anways. The verdict was obtained by David A. Mazie of the law firm of Mazie Slater Katz & Freeman, LLP. To learn more about the attorney and … Read more

More Cancer Survivors in the Future

A national health care crisis is looming in the U.S. as the country’s baby boomer population ages and a growing number of older adults find themselves diagnosed with and living longer with cancer. That is the position of a team of researchers from across the country who believe current prevention measures, screening, treatments, and supportive care for older patients at risk of or dealing with cancer are lacking in the US. In a special supplement issue of the international journal Cancer recently released, the researchers say there is an urgent need for clear, evidence-based practice guidelines to assist physicians, oncologists and others who provide short- and long-term care management to older adults with cancer. Only with more immediate research will proper prevention efforts, screening, treatment approaches, post-treatment survivorship and end of life care be put in place to serve this … Read more