Oral Surgeon Websites: Similar Content

I wanted to alert everyone to a new article I just wrote and updated on my website http://www.teethremoval.com/oral_surgery_websites_similar_content_similar_sites.html. It talks about how oral surgeons are using PBHS Inc. to design them websites. However, PBHS Inc. uses a template for the websites so the content for all of the websites designed is very similar. This means the information on procedures and even after care procedures for a large number of oral surgeon and oral surgeon group’s websites are nearly exactly the same if not identical. This is quite alarming to me and you should be aware of this if you are considering wisdom teeth removal surgery. The likely explanation is that oral surgeons are not skilled in website design and are not taking the time to modify the content provided by PBHS Inc. Even so, PBHS Inc. has a very large … Read more

Drinks In Plastic Bottles Contain Side Effects

Bottled water and other drinks in plastic  bottles may not be as safe as you think. According to Martin Wagner and Jörg Oehlmann from the Department of Aquatic Ecotoxicology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany, plastic water bottles contaminate drinking water with estrogenic chemicals. The researchers found evidence of estrogenic compounds which leach and come out of the plastic packaging into the water. These chemicals result in an increased development of embryos in the New Zealand mud snail.  The researchers analyzed 20 brands of mineral water available in Germany which included 9 bottled in glass, 9 bottled in plastic and 2 bottled in composite packaging. The researchers took water samples from the bottles and tested them for the presence of estrogenic chemicals. They then carried out a reproduction test with the New Zealand mud snail to determine the source … Read more

Sex Offense and Assault After Surgery

The Frederick News Post reports that Danilo Carabio Banados currently faces three counts of third-degree sex offense and one count of second-degree assault. This is due to what occurred to one of Banados’ patients after wisdom teeth removal surgery. Banados works as a dental assistant in Frederick. On June 12, 2009, Banados was indicted of charges of sexually molesting a young woman while she was under anesthesia. The case is currently (as of time of writing) moving to Circuit Court. As the woman was waking up after the wisdom teeth removal surgery, she found Banados kissing her mouth and fondling her breasts. Maryland state police are currently seeking more information on the case. Banados worked as a dental assistant in the Frederick area for over 2 years. For more information on the case visit The Frederick News Post.

New MRI Techniques can lead to Faster Scan Times

Two new techniques using different approaches to see molecular changes inside people’s bodies can potentially lead to faster and more detailed imaging scans. Both magnetic resonance imaging technologies rely on manipulating the spin of molecules to provide more detailed scans that one day could rapidly do things like analyze how well a drug is working or tell how fast tumors are growing at the molecular level. The technique could  replace current imaging technologies that depend on the use of radioactive substances or heavy metals.” The research team based their technique on manipulating parahydrogen by transferring its magnetism to more easily detected molecules. This could potentially translated to increase scan sensitivity by 1000 times. This technique creates large imbalances among the populations spin states and makes the molecules into more powerful magnets. This in turn leads to more detailed images. Adapted … Read more

The Parents Guide to Wisdom Teeth

I recently came across a press release promoting a book entitled “The Parent’s Guide to Wisdom Teeth.” If you are a parent and thinking about the surgery for a child, I would NOT recommend purchasing this book. The main conclusion offered by this book is found on the book’s website… “It is far better to assume a lower degree of surgical risk, paying the cost “up front” (which is likely to be less in terms of money and time) at an earlier age than to gamble on a more risky, difficult and uncomfortable experience later in life when problems arise” I would say that it is better to wait until problem’s arise before removing wisdom teeth due to the risks and potential lasting complications of wisdom teeth removal surgery. If a complication arises wouldn’t it be better to only deal … Read more