Win a Smile MakeOver

I wanted to alert anyone who might be interested, that 1-800-DENTIST® is running a $30,000 smile makeover contest until mid November of 2009. To learn more you can visit You will need to submit and create a 2 minute video of yourself which discusses your smile and what you think would make it better. After your video is uploaded, family and friends can vote and help you become the winner of the contest.

Harmful to Run Every Day

After reading a post over at on if running every day is safe and okay, I wanted to make some comments. I use to run nearly everyday back when I was on cross country and track in high school. It surely has its disadvantages and its advantages. The advantages include that working out is healthy for your body and can help you lose weight and even have more energy throughout the day. However some disadvantages are that it can cause injury such as tendonitis and wear down your joints. If you are young and training for cross country, track, or some other event such as a marathon, I think it is perfectly okay to run 6 days a week regularily. However you should make sure you mix up your routine and change your millage. For example, perhaps one day … Read more

Out of Control Libel Laws in Britain

In case you may have missed the recent happenings surrounding libel lawsuits in Britain, I am writing this blog post.  It is unfortunate that due to English libel laws, journalists are not able to articulate their thoughts on medical issues due to the fear of being sued. This fear is already causing many to not write articles that may criticize medical procedures and alternative medicine approaches due to weak scientific or no scientific evidence. I encourage you to read and visit if you care about making a difference and helping to get the law changed in England so that the public can learn about dangerous and perhaps not even needed medical procedures and treatments.

Children and Chronic Daily Headache

Research suggests that  1.5% of middle school children are affected by chronic daily headache. However, some children who suffer may outgrow the disabling condition. “Our results suggest there is hope for children who experience these headaches and for their parents, who also deal with the frustration and considerable disability that this condition can bring,” said Shuu-Jiun Wang, MD/ “Over time…children get better, eventually having less frequent migraine headaches as young adults.” Dr. Wang conducted a study that followed 122 children in middle school with chronic daily headache between the ages of 12 and 14 years old. Chronic daily headache was defined as experiencing 15 or more headache days per month, with each headache lasting for two or more hours per day. The study found 60% of the children in the study no longer had chronic daily headache after 1 year. … Read more

Stone Left Blind After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Earlier this year I reported on a teenager Austin Stone who was left in a coma after having his wisdom teeth removed due to complications from a faulty medical gas system Stone was very recently able to walk at his High School’s graduation ceremonies and receive his high school diploma.  However, he was left blind, hard of hearing, and now has speech problems. A special ceremony was arranged for him to receive his diploma and his father helped him walked to the stage. To learn more visit