Medical Gas Regulations in Kansas – Result of Wisdom Teeth Removal

I previously reported on Austin Stone who was left blind, hard of hearing, and now has problems with his speech as a result of complications from medical gas when he had his wisdom teeth removed. The articles of interested are and Now it is reported that Kansas has approved a bill where regulations must be followed for installation of medical gas systems. Specifically now a licensed individual must be responsible for any repairs, maintenance and inspection of medical gas piping systems. Surprising this bill was rejected by 32 in the Kansas House. Before this becomes law it must now go to the Kansas Senate. The source of this information is

Children Visit the Dentist More If Parents Do So

A new report in the journal Pediatrics shows that children’s level of regular dental care is strongly associated with their own parents’ dental care history. This really comes as a no brainer to me. It is noted that tooth decay and cavities is particularly common among   low-income and minority children. The researchers looked at data from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey and its Child Health Supplement. This consisted of   a cross sectional study of basic health and demographic information and answers to questions on health topics of current interest. There were around 6000 matched pairs of data regarding dental visits for both a child and parent in the same household. Among parents who reported seeing a dentist during the preceding year, 86% of children had also seen a dentist. On the other hand 64% of the children of parents … Read more

Root Canal Treatments: New Composite

New root canal components are being developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC in Würzburg working in collaboration with VOCO GmbH. “The basis of this material is provided by ORMOCER®s,” explains Dr. Herbert Wolter. “We have combined these ORMOCER®s with various nano- and microparticles to achieve the highly diverse properties needed.” Materials used in filling the root canal should not shrink as they harder, be visible in x-rays, and should form an airtight bond with the dental material. However, the material used to rebuild the tooth, should have the same properties as the tooth itself. “Hybrid materials are well suited to these requirements. For instance, they only shrink by about 1.3 percent as they harden, while standard materials generally shrink by 2 to 4 percent. ORMOCER®s can also be adapted to adhere to the different parts … Read more

Oral Surgeon Arthur Bosanquet Convicted of Sex Claims

An Austrialian former oral surgeon has been found guilty of sex claims.  News of the oral surgeon and his bizaree medical study to incite patients to masturbate in front of him can be found at and What it boils down to is that Arthur Bosanquet  convinced a teenager and his father  he was conducting a medical trial to measure the blood pressure of men before, during and after masturbation. Essentially he did the same thing twice with two different victims. He went to the victim’s bedrooms and took a blood sample and told them to masterbate. When they had difficulty doing so, he indecently assaulted them. Bosanquet had performed wisdom teeth removal on one of the victims in addition to facial surgery after an assault occured.