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Headaches after Traumatic Brain Injury Highest in Adolescents and Girls

A recent study has been conducted by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute and appeared in Pediatrics, vol 129, number 1, January 2012, pages 1 to 9, titled Headache After Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury: A Cohort Study, wirtten by Heidi K. Blume and et al. The article discusses how in the adult population 18% to 33% of those who suffer from traumatic brain injury suffer from headaches 1 year after the injury. In the child population most of the investigations conducted have been small, retrospective, lacked a control, or involved only short term follow up. Chronic headaches with children are associated with interference in social function, parental productivity, and poor quality of life. The study randomly selected 1507 patients with TBI and 495 controls with arm injury (AI) for the study. However, some patients were not reachable, others were inegligible, and others refused. This left 512 patients with TBI and 137 with AIs for the study. Headache was reported by 43% of children with mild TBI and 37% of children with moderate/severe TBI, and 26% of the patients in the control group. The authors noted that the frequency of serious headache appeared to be increased after mild TBI and in teenagers. […]

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Alveolar Expansion Technique for Extraction of Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth)

An interesting study titled “Comparison of an alveolar expansion technique and buccal guttering technique in the extraction of mandibular third molar. A pilot study,” appeared in the Open Journal of Stomatology (vol 1, pages 103-108, 2011) written by Babatunde O. Akinbami and Lukcy I. Ofomala from Nigeria. As stated in the abstract the background for this study was “The over-ambitious use of surgical drills for almost every case of third molar impaction is on the increase in most established oral surgery centers. The purpose of this study was to assess and compare the severity of post operative symptoms of swelling and pain that accompany the use of surgical drill in the buccal guttering technique and the non application of drill in an alveolar expansion technique.” The authors open in the introduction by discussion how bone around impacted third molar teeth is usually dense and can require the use of cutting drills which can cause vibration and friction. A total of 10 patients were included in the study. Five patients had the guttering technique performed on the right side and alveolar expansion technique on the left side, 3 patients had the alveolar expansion technique performed on the right side and buccal […]

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Periodontal disease may associate with breast cancer

An interesting study was published in Breast Cancer Res Treat (vol 127, pages 497 – 502, 2011) titled “Periodontal disease may associate with breast cancer,” by Birgitta Soder and et al. The study evaluated the association between periodontal disease and the incidence of breast cancer in a prospective study of 3273 randomly selected subjects aged 30 to 40 at baseline. The authors open by discussing how periodontal disease is characterized by chronic infection and inflammation leading to destruction of the bone surrounding the teeth. Some studies estimate that between 15 to 35% of the adult population in industrialized countries suffers from periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is initiated by a biofilm of bacteria on the teeth which triggers an immune-inflammatory response in the adjacent host tissues. Periodontal disease is of particular importance when considering whether or not to have wisdom teeth removed as it is a risk of developing when keeping them. This is discussed over at  Numerous studies and discussions have been made by the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) as it relates to periodontal disease and third molars for example see their latest white paper on third molars (link and discussion at The paper […]

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