Recent Stories on Wisdom Teeth Removal Death

I have recently posted about 2 potential deaths from wisdom teeth removal that occurred this year in 2014. The first one is an 18 year old man in Maine (see Eighteen Year Old Music Student in Portland Dies After Wisdom Teeth Removal). The second is a 24 year old woman who went into a coma in Hawaii (see Mother of Two in Hawaii in a Coma After Wisdom Teeth Surgery). These stories got some play in various media outlets. For example, Mike Adams of wrote an article titled “Wisdom teeth surgery a deadly dental scam: Young mother falls into coma following visit to dentist” see In the article Mike says “Across virtually the entire industry of conventional dentistry, this dangerous surgery scam is pushed on patients with unethical fear tactics that claim asymptomatic wisdom teeth — teeth with no symptoms, … Read more

Eighteen Year Old Music Student in Portland Dies After Wisdom Teeth Removal

An eighteen year old male high school student planning to study music in college died last February in Portland, Maine, after having his wisdom teeth removed. The story is from Portland Press Herald, by Matt Byrne, posted February 26, 2014, titled “Love, sorrow, questions after Cheverus student’s death,” and accessed March 21, 2014. See The article describes the eighteen year old man as independent and compassionate and able to play the trumpet, bassoon, saxophone and English concertina. In this particular case the man had wisdom teeth extracted on a Wednesday in February. He then went home and two days later on Friday night his condition deteriorated. He is said to have died in the early hours Saturday in his mother’s arms at home. In the article Dr. Thomas Dodson, who now is with the University of Washington in Seattle … Read more

Mother of Two in Hawaii in a Coma After Wisdom Teeth Surgery

A sad story in Hawaii has come out recently where a 23 year old mother of two has been left in a coma since having wisdom teeth surgery. This story is reported by Hawaii News Now in an article titled “Hilo woman in coma following wisdom teeth extraction,” written on March 19, 2014, by Tim Sakahara, located over at The woman had four wisdom teeth extracted and went into cardiac arrest during the surgery. She was flown to a medical center in Hawaii and has been unresponsive since. She has a healthy four year old son and three month old baby. She was reported to be in good health. It is not clear what anesthesia was given. I have previously reported other cases of coma and death from wisdom teeth extraction see

Migraine Associated with Changes in Structure of Arteries

A recent study by researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania has shown the arteries supplying blood flow to the brain is more likely to be incomplete in people who experience migraine. The arterial supply of blood to the brain is protected by numerous connections between the major arteries which is known as the circle of Willis. Those who experience migraine and especially migraine with aura are more likely than those without migraine to be missing some components of the circle of Willis. These structural changes in the circle of Willis are something people are born with. In this study, which appeared in PLOS ONE, the researchers suggest that these structural alterations of the blood supply to the brain may increase susceptibility to changes in cerebral blood flow, which may contribute to abnormal neuronal activity … Read more

Migraine May Alter Brain Structure Permanently

An article appearing in Neurology, explores the effects of a migraine on the brain’s structure on a long term basis. The study suggests that migraine may permanently alter brain structure which is counter to previously held beliefs that migraine has no long term consequence for the brain.  For example, see the post titled Are Migraine Related Changes Related to Impaired Cognition? where a study concluded that women with migraine have no long term effects of cognition over time. See also the post Do Migraines Lead to Cognitive Decline? In the current study, researchers explored 6 population based studies and 13 clinic based studies to determine if people who have migraine had an increased risk of brain lesions, brain volume changes, or other abnormalities as measured from an MRI of the brain. The researchers found that migraine with aura increased the … Read more