This site was started by a man who had wisdom teeth removed in June 2006 right after his freshmen year of college. He suffered a complication from the wisdom teeth surgery where he has had a headache 24/7 ever since. At the time of the surgery the man was 20 years old and in good health.

Never hearing anything like it from anyone else prior to the surgery and frustrated by the information on medical and dentistry websites the man started http://www.teethremoval.com. In a quest to find pain free days, articles and advice is shared through the blog and website. If you feel you would benefit from speaking or talking please do not hesitate to reach out.

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  1. Sorry to hear you’re in pain. few people realise just how easily some dental procedures can turn into longer term problems. I’m sure many wisdom teeth are pulled without good cause.

    Dentists have a habit of making really quite invasive work sound routine. I had a root canal, re-treatment by specialist and expensive crown and the tooth is still niggling. Funnily enough, many people I know had/have problems with root canal teeth yet the marketing hype (and that’s what most dental advise is these days) say it’s a 90% successful procedure. Go online and find forums where loads of people have been made ill or in pain by root canals. I’m not even talking about the controversial ‘root canal dangers’ stuff from ‘biological dentists’ – I’m talking regular flare-ups and frequent reinfections.

    Oh, and do you know why I got a root canal? A dentist drilled into a tooth that felt fine and it abscessed two weeks later.

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