I had my wisdom teeth removed in June 2006 right after my freshmen year of college and my head has been pounding 24/7 ever since! Prior to the extraction, I had just turned 20 and was as healthy as ever.

Since, I have been motivated to educate the general public about my story through use of my website http://www.teethremoval.com, because I have never heard anything like it from anyone else prior to the surgery. In my quest to find pain free days, I will share articles and advice I stumble upon through the use of my blog and website.

I received a bachelor of science degree and a master of science degree from a university in the midwest of the U.S.  My working career has brought me on the east coast. In my free time I enjoy spending time with friends, reading books, watching movies, playing golf, working out, swimming, biking, running, watching TV, and surfing the internet. In addition, I am a Christian and have a relationship with God.

If you feel you would benefit from speaking or talking to me please do not hesitate to contact me.

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