Allergic To Your Partner

Recently, the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology which is headquartered in Arlington Heights, IL, had their annual scientific meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, in November 11, 2010 to November 16, 2010. They discussed some unfortunate allergies that some people experience.

These allergies include kissing someone even hours after they have eaten a food or taken a medicine to which you are allergic to.

According to Sami Bahna, M.D.

“If you have food allergies, having an allergic reaction immediately after kissing someone who has eaten the food or taken oral medication that you are allergic to isn’t highly unusual. But some patients react after their partner has brushed his or her teeth or several hours after eating. It turns out that their partners’ saliva is excreting the allergen hours after the food or medicine has been absorbed by their body.”

It is recommended that the non-allergic partner of someone with a kissing allergy avoids the food 16 to 24 hours before kissing. They should also be sure to brush their teeth before kissing as well.

Unfortunately, some people are even allergic to their partner’s semen which can create problems during sex. In these cases desensitization and/or condoms are recommended.

Source:  Sciencedaily

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