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Visit to the Chinese Acupuncturist

Today I saw a new doctor, a Chinese acupuncturist. He was a very small guy and really enjoyed laughing. He had pictures hanging up on the wall of famous athletes he has seen. He proceeded by first having me fill out a few forms of background information and then we discussed my history. Next, he had me lay down and he performed some spinal manipulation. Then, he proceeded to insert needles into my head and neck. He put less than I was expecting, only about 4 on each side and he also put one in each of my feet.  After, he put a heat lamp over my head, turned on some soothing music, told me to relax, and turned off the lights and left the room. Let me tell you, the needles did hurt, especially the ones in my forehead. The others though I couldn’t feel that much. It felt as if blood and nerves were moving around and primarily in my head but also throughout my body. About 20 or 30 minutes or so later, the doctor came back into the room and removed the needles. It felt a bit painful after he removed the needles, but then the […]

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August Visit to the Neurologist

I saw my neurologist today to discuss medications. I had been on verapamil for about 3-4 weeks. However, when I increased the dosage, I had a strange reaction after I went in a hot tub, where veins seemed to be really inflamed on my back and popping out. So I hadn’t been on any medication for 9 days. My neurologist decided that I should give amitritpyline a try and wants me to start out at 5 mg every day for 10 days. I have never been on amitritpyline before, but was on something notritpyline, which is similar for 3 months. Amitriptyline is an older antidepressant that has been proven effective for headaches. The reason I was on notritpyline instead of amitripytline is that amitripytline causes more side effects, and I tend to be susceptible to side effects. Hopefully I will see some relief with the new medication.

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Ear Nose and Throat Doctors

Today I went to see a new ear, nose, and throat doctor and learned of some surprising things. The reason being is I have become upset with my current ear, nose, and throat doctor. I have noticed blood occasionally coming out of my right nostril, and my doctor thinks it’s because it is just dry. Well I never had any problems prior to seeing him with blood coming out of my nose. So that’s why I wanted to see a new one. Background  My current ear, nose, and throat doctor operated on me back in August of 2006 to drain my right maxillary sinus. This was because the only finding on my MRI was an infection in my right maxillary sinus. So after the antibiotics didn’t work he drained my sinus. This was hopefully going to get rid of my 24/7 headache, but it didn’t. The New Doctor  The new ear, nose, and throat doctor I saw today explained to me about how my right maxillary sinus is much smaller than the left, something that only 2% of people have. In the past, like 15 years ago, he would have performed operations to drain the smaller maxillary sinus. However, he […]

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New Cure for Chronic Headaches?

Dr. Pamela Blake, of Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital in Houston, has pioneered a new minimally invasive surgery for patients with chronic daily headaches. She said that usually, the headaches aren’t migraines or tension headaches, but, rather, an irritation of one or more of the nerves that emanate from the back of the skull.  Blake said the results are good for the more than 100 operations she has supervised. “About 64 percent of patients had a greater than 50 percent reduction of their headaches after surgery,” she said.  While I personally think these numbers are good I don’t think chronic headache sufferers should run to see her.  It’s important to try out other treatments before considering surgery. You may want to try out medication or in the case of rebound headache, ease off of your medications. There are many other options to try such as acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, and chiropractic maniupulation. Perhaps this is all you need. To find out more vist

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Doctors Don’t Have All the Answers

In order to be a doctor, one must go through rigorous academics for a long time. Doctors attend four years of college, four years of medical school; complete a one year internship, and a two year residency.   Being a doctor carries a high level of prestige in society. People look up to doctors and respect them greatly and they should. However, that does not mean that doctors are not people too. They are motivated by their own desires and needs. Most honestly do care about healing all of their patients, but there are certainly some who have selfish desires. There is also a lot of controversy in different areas of medicine, where different doctors have different beliefs. So who is right, and who is wrong? We simply just don’t always know. Just because one doctor, or one dentist, or one whatever who practices some form of medicine recommends something, does not mean it is always right for you. It is important to seek out multiple opinions from different doctors in the specialty. Always go for a second opinion when it comes to your health, the single most important thing in your life. In some instances, it is even good […]

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