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Video Dental Marketing Tips

Over at in July 27, 2014, Jim Du Molin, gave five video marketing tips for optimizing your dental videos for YouTube, see For dentists who are interested in utilizing videos and particularly uploading them to YouTube, the 5 tips are worth following. Jim says that you should plan your video title and utilize it with your dental practice name and geo-targeted keywords. Jim further recommends writing out in words on the screen what you are saying in the video. This can help to allow search engines to direct users to your video. Jim further advocates for thinking carefully about the tags you connect your video with as these connect your video with other videos on YouTube with like tags. The fourth tip is to utilize the description area and include contact information such as the phone number of your practice and website. The final tip is to share your videos on the different social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus. The tips Jim suggests seem like good advice for dentists who are involved or would like to become involved with dental videos on YouTube. In the past I have posted a few videos from YouTube that were […]

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Are Your Search Results All From the Same Company or Person?

Search engine marketing refers to using certain practices to boost your website’s search result position in search engines like Google and Bing. Nowadays a new strategy has emerged that people are using by using microsites and having several different domains. For example this is discussed in several posts over at Modern Dental Marketing see for example as a strategy that they use to improve the ranking of their clients website. In this post Shauna Duty (author on May 7, 2013) says “At MDPM Dental, we’ve been creating blogs that act as microsites for three years now! Some of our client dentists hold 70-90% of the page-one Google real estate for a keyword phrase. Generally, Google shows 10 organic listings on page one, so I’m saying that some of our clients have 7-9 listings on a page one search result.” Now I personally feel this practice is somewhat unfair. If you really wanted to dominate the competition a person or company could buy a large number of domains with different hosts or have other entities or persons do so on their behalf. Then they would develop each of these sites with their own unique targeted message. If successful this could […]

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The Search Engine Battle: Are you Paying Attention?

For those who may read Modern Dental Marketing you may have seen a post in September titled “SEO Warfare: A Strategic Plan for Dentists“. If you don’t read the blog, I encourage you to read that post and make a note of a key change brewing in the search engine battle. Just a short year or two ago, Google used to be mostly the game in town. Google used to control over 90% of the search market for the PC and mobile. Nowadays that number has gone down a lot. As of October 2013, Google controls 66.9% of the market, Bing controls 18.1% of the market, and Yahoo controls 11.1% of the market with Ask and AOL both also having a very small stake (see October Search Market Share: Bing Continues to Grow at Yahoo’s Expense). Now for the purposes of a search engine standpoint, one can consider Bing and Yahoo really to be almost the same since they share the same database, hence their database makes up 29.2% of all search engine results, which is certainly a number worth paying attention to. Also note that Google supplies Ask and Yahoo with their search results. Now it is not clear […]

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Aggressive Dental Marketing Practices

Several years ago I posted a controversial post titled Dental Practices of some Dentists Websites Online is Questionable. In this post I discussed how I am frustrated by website users who register on forums and post topics and reply to topics with a signature that includes an html link to their (or a client’s) website. I called this a questionable search engine optimization strategy. Unfortunately this tactic continues to rage on and I actively have to fight it off and know that other website owners do so as well. Recently, I have become a bit irrated by a particular website: This website essentially has the same domain name as mine except it has a wisdom added on to the front. Now clearly I deem this website as in direct competition with my website and attempting to divert attention away from my website. Now this website is also engaging in some Aggressive Search Engine Optimization Strategies. The website runs an answers page If you look carefully at the questions and answers in this page you will see that they are being copied and pasted directly from Yahoo Answers. 1) From 2) From This copying and pasting […]

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The Best Dental Websites Online

Recently I was made aware that my blog here at was included as one of the Best 7 Dental Websites Online right now over at The 7 contestants include: The Dental Warrior Teeth Removal (this site) Dr. Chetan Brookside Dental Dr. Tom Farley Modern Dental Marketing The Junior Dentist Of course if you run a dental website and were not included in the list, you probably are quite upset and wondering how the websites were selected. The post says “…we only picked websites that were interesting to us. Sure, we could have done things by the book and found the most “educational” dental websites with pictures telling you exactly how to do thing A or thing B. Instead, we picked websites with a unique view of the dental profession. We looked at the overall design of the site, the content found on the site and the personality behind the site.” A poll powered by polldaddy is currently taking entries for the 7 possible contestants. Right now 11 votes have been cast and the The Dental Warrior is in first place. So if you feel inclined you can go over to the website and cast your vote. The previous […]

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