College Conspiracy and United States Hyperinflation

In recent previous posts I have discussed and illustrated with figures about the increasingly high costs of college and education in the United States.

This is an extreme and real problem for the youth and young people today. Students graduating from medical school have an average debt of around $158,000 and the average debt of those graduating from undergraduate college is over $27,000 in the U.S.

I have discussed how this is causing a larger and larger amount of students to go into service industries such as the financial sector which do not create real value for society and also to pursue jobs they are not particularly passionate about.

This is a very serious issue for those young people today and they should be outraged that the older generations in America have left them in shambles. In fact there is even a campaign called “Our Time” Which is “Standing Up For All of Us Under 30.”

An excellent over 1 hour long documentary has recently (May 2011) been put out by the National Inflation Association and is embeded below which covers many of the issues facing the youth in today’s society. It is well worth the watch for anyone considering college and challenges you to rethink your thoughts of the United States as the global leader.

The video may feel like it has an anti-education tone. Just to be clear I am currently 25 and have graduated college and have a master of science degree and believe education is very very important.

However, the current amount of money that is being asked of for the average student to take out as a loan’s is absolutely insane along with the current tuition inflation. Of course you can pursue scholarships to help with the cost but there is a lot of competition for these.

The video may be seen by some as biased but it gets you to think. It also warns of the possible upcoming U.S. hyperinflation and urges the youth of today to buy physical gold and silver.

I encourage all of those pursuing higher level education to demand for affordable costs.

For all those who oppose be warned,

Generation Y is the most highly productive generation thus far. We were brought up to be overachievers, and started working hard since high school or even younger. They are the most educated generation ever produced and want to put their skills to use. Not to mention their knowledge of marketing and social media is second to none.

Unfortunately I am beginning to think that the ballooning out of control cost of higher education is a scheme designed by large corporations and special interests so that things such as medical procedures promoted on shaky scientific ground and continuing to lower the definition of various diseases so that more and more drugs can be sold will become more and more the norm since the doctor will be an indentured servant to their debt.

The video of college conspiracy above also has a very interesting take on the law field around the 40 minute mark which discusses how a large number of politicians in Washington are lawyers. The video says

[lawyers who become politicians] go to Washington in order to pass as many new harmful and destructive laws and regulations as possible in order to provide enough work for all of their lawyer friends.

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