Dental Bridges in Jacksonville – Benefits of Getting Them

For those individuals that have been looking for a slightly more permanent solution for their missing teeth and are not sure what to opt for, dental bridges may be an option. There are normally four main types of dental bridges: traditional, cantilever, Maryland, and implant-supported, which are described well on for further reading. Not many people know this, but unlike your normal dental implants, these types of bridges can replace any individuals missing teeth(s) without needing to go through any kind of surgery.

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The best part about it, is they now come in a porcelain finish, which means the chances of anyone knowing the difference between your natural teeth or tooth, and the bridge is nero zero. It is barely indistinguishable from any other teeth around it. Besides this one main advantage to dental bridges, other things get positively influenced. Below are three such advantages that are further explored, so you can decide whether dental bridges might be the right fit for your mouth.

Gives A Boost to Your Confidence. There are very few people in the world that enjoy smiling with a gap in their teeth from a missing tooth or a broken one. In getting a missing tooth replaced with a dental bridge, not only will you smile better, but it will also no doubt give you a boost to your smile confidence, so instead of having a half-smile you can show off your teeth every time.

Everyone loves a good smile and a good laugh too. If you can be that person who gives it, why not? This can also improve your daily normal activities, that other people take for granted. Things such as drinking, chewing food, and biting into things, can come easily and effortlessly to most, except those who have missing teeth. As described with the benefits of dental bridges at, they can also give you a much easier lifestyle and you may just be able to eat all those foods that you previously could not, making you a happier person too.

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Helps To Maintain The Rest of Your Teeth. Getting a bridge done, i.e. replacing your gaps, can help maintain the health of other teteth too. Sometimes when teeth are absent, they can cause shifting or weakening of adjacent teeth. When you replace a missing one, it protects the others too.

They could also lean into the area where a tooth was supposed to be and take over this space, which could adversely affect your jaw and biting movements in time. The result could be more space between your teeth, which can lead to food getting stuck in them, and this could then lead to tooth decay, if not brushed properly.

The Procedure Is Fairly Simple

The dental bridge process is fairly simple, and the dentist will first take an impression of your mouth, done by placing a mold made out of plaster in your mouth. This helps to make sure the bridge, which is then created out of this impression, is fitted as close to and as comfortably as possible, in your mouth.

Because it is a tailored approach and the bridge is custom-made, a specialized lab technician will work on it over a few hours or days and as such can this can take anywhere from one day to one week depending on the practice. If needed, a temporary solution is provided while the permanent option is being created. This can be anything from a plastic crown or a bridge.

Upon completion of the impression, you will need to book a second appointment with the practice and during this appointment the dentist will insert the dental bridge into your mouth, testing to see if everything fits properly or if any adjustments need to be made. This is done by making sure you can bite properly. The entire process is done while you are awake so you are aware of what’s going on, and a general anesthetic can be used in case of any pain in the jaw.

There are many dental pratcies that can help you with receiving the impression for the dental bridge and then inserting it to test the fits into your mouth. For example, for those patients in Jacksonville, Florida, they can consider a consultation and professional dental bridges by Dr. Bilotti.

After receiving a dental bridge, any issues such as sensitivity to cold or hot substances or the feeling of a weird addition to your mouth, where there once was a gap, will go away after a few days. A dental bridge can last for many years if cared and looked after properly. Your dentist should be able to give you some advice on how to look after your dental bridge to best preserve it and also provide advice on additional things such as flossing around it.

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