Dental Stem Cells Generate New Bone Tissue

An interesting article presented in Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News discusses dental stem cells and their role of creating new bone tissue in humans. This article is based off of the procedure and results in a recent paper titled “Human Mandible Bone Defect Repair by Grafting of Dental Pulp Stem/Progenitor Cells and Collagen Sponge Biocomplexes” which has been conducted by Gianpoalo Paccio and his partners in Naples, Italy. (Europen Cells and Materials Vol.18, 2009, pages 75-83).

Seventeen patients had their wisdom teeth extracted and the dental pulp stem/progenitor cells known as DPCs were eventually used to fill the injury site left by the wisdom teeth that were removed. Three months later, the patients were examined by X-ray. The sites where the wisdom teeth were extracted and filled with the DPCs (along with a collagen sponge scaffold) showed complete regeneration of the bone.

This shows that dental stem cells have a wide array of potential and possibilities for the future. If you are considering having your wisdom teeth extracted even after knowing the complications, risks, and benefits, you may also want to consider having your stem cells saved. Several companies have emerged  to help you store your stem cells from your wisdom teeth.

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