Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Crowding?

For some reason which is not clear to me, people still often ask the question: do wisdom teeth cause crowding of anterior teeth?

The answer to this question is a plain and simple no.

Thomas B. Dodson, DMD, MPH says “extracting third molars to prevent or alleviate crowding of the dentition is not usually justified.”

Jay Friedman, a retired dentist, says “It is not possible for lower third molars, which develop in the spongy interior cancellous tissue of bone with no firm support, to push 14 other teeth with roots implanted vertically like the pegs of a picket fence so that the incisors in the middle twist and overlap.”

Dr. Jeff , a dentist, says “Wisdom teeth will not cause lower anterior crowding, ask any competent orthodontist, or just think about it from a logical standpoint. Realistically can a tooth the size of a wisdom tooth (generally not that large) be expected to “push” all of the root structure of the 5 to 7 teeth mesial to it to “move” the lower anteriors?? It just doesn’t happen.”

It certainly seems to me from the above quotes who are from people who have regularly seen and examined the teeth of patients, that the consensus is clear: wisdom teeth do not cause crowding.

However, for some odd and strange reason I see on practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeons practices websites  that crowding is a potential reason to have wisdom teeth removed.  For example, on the website of Dr. Louis F. Clarizio ( who is located in New Hampshire, under the category “Why Should I Have Them [wisdom teeth] Removed?” crowding is listed near the bottom. Next to crowding it says “Although controversial, many feel that impacted wisdom teeth directly contribute to crowding of your teeth which is most noticeable in the front teeth, usually the lower front teeth … Although wisdom tooth removal cannot be recommended solely to avoid crowding, it can be recommended to absolutely eliminate its possible role in future crowding and other bite changes.”

These same exact words (or essentially the exact same words) appear on oral surgeons practices websites such as Dr. John Muse ( However, the real problem here is something I have already addressed last year. Theses sites are designed by PBHS, Inc. and they all publish very very similar content.

See my post and article for additional information.

It is my belief that someone really needs to crack down on these oral surgeons who should take the time to provide their own content for their website or at least review and modify the content PBHS, Inc. provides. Someone also needs to crack down on PBHS, Inc. who should not be providing oral surgeons practices websites with essentially a cut and paste job of the content.

In addition, the last quote above regarding crowding appears on oral surgeons practices websites such as Dr. Paul R. Bilovsky (, Drs Nick S. Morrow and W. Scott Jenkins (, and San Juan Dental Center ( Although these latter websites make no direct mention of being designed by PBHS, Inc., so they may have received the content from them (either legally or not).

Patients and those considering oral surgery to remove their wisdom teeth are clearly being misled here.

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  1. I have two dentists directly tell me to get them removed due to potential crowding. I went to two because the I didn’t believe the first one.

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