Family Doctor’s Not Happy and How to Boost your Immune System

I found two great articles.

The first deals with how (primary-care) family doctors are not happy with the current bussiness in the U.S.  According to a recent survery “49 percent [of family doctors] said they’d consider leaving medicine. Many said they are overwhelmed with their practices, not because they have too many patients, but because there’s too much red tape generated from insurance companies and government agencies.”

There is expected to be a shortage in the tens of thousands within the next 15-20 years. In addition current medical students are not interested in pimary care and want to enter other alternatives. To read the entire article visit

A current practicing primary care physician named James Hubbard has cited “anxiety and hassel” as the reasons he is currently part time. He publishes his own magazine called Family Doctor Mag. On his website ELIZABETH A. PECTOR, M.D., a family physician has written an excellent article on how to boost your immunity system this upcoming winter.

The key take aways from the article include eating well, avoiding second hand smoke, regular exercise, lack of stress, and vaccinations. I feel that vaccinations should be taken with a cautious approach as I have watched medical TV shows where people have had their lives changed for the worse as a result of a vaccination. Even so understanding how to boost your immunity system is important to prevent colds and the flu.

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  1. Well I’m sure with so many malpractice suits out there it’s hard to save the passion for helping others. Not to mention that people are looking for alternative ways to STAY healthy instead of visiting a doctor who will just prescribe drugs to “fix” the problem. I am disillusioned & and disappointed with western medicine.

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