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I wanted to let anyone who might be interested in free dental care that recently put together a tool that allows one to enter their zip code to search for free dental care providers in their area.

This tool is available at It allows different specialties to be searched for as well such as general dentists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, orthodontists,  periodontists, and endodontists.

This tool will provide a phone number and a convenient Google map.

Of course it should be mentioned that 1dental sells dental plans so they try to get you to sign up with the Careington Dental plan.

I personally have not used this tool to find a dentist and have no experience with Careington Dental plan. Therefore use at your own discretion. It may help some looking for and in need of dental work.

There is also a program called Give Kids a Smile which in the past few years has provided free dental care for 2 days in February and 2 days in October for those children in need. More information and event listings are available on the Give Kids a Smile website.

There is another program called Dentistry from the Heart which in 2010 had over 200 events across the United States and Canada where free dental care was provided to those in need. Event listings are available on the Dentistry from the Heart website.

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