Health Care Costs in America

I came across a very interesting graphic illustrating many of the myths and facts about healthcare in the United States.

Medical Costs 2 - Health Care Costs in America

The graphic illustrates some reasons for the high costs of healthcare including the myths and the truths.
The myths include 1) americans smoke and drink too much, 2) america has a larger elderly population, 3) obseity in america skyrockets costs, 4) malpractice is out of control.

I actually slightly disagree with #3 and #4. I think being obese in the U.S. is a real problem, see this graph from the OECD. Further one has to account for defensive medicine (as in doctors being scared of getting sued  and ordering more tests than really needed) in malpractice lawsuits.

Graph below illustrates the % obese in each country shown.

obesity us figure 2010 - Health Care Costs in AmericaSource: OECD Factbook 2010: Economic, Environmental and Social Statistics.

I believe the truths are all legit including 1) providers charge more because they can, 2) administrative overhead, 3) expensive outpatient costs, and 4) overpaid doctors.

I have previously briefly mentioned overpaid doctors see

I would also add the invasion of our Southern Border as another reason for higher costs see

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