How to Safely Remove Your Teeth

Both adults and children need teeth removal at one point. For children, it is a normal and natural process. Sometimes for adults, it is due to problematic teeth or health conditions. Tooth extraction is a delicate process that requires the attention of a trained dentist. For children, you are advised to let the teeth to completely become loose and fall out by itself or have the dentist remove it. Here are some tips when it comes time to remove your teeth:

1. Removing Teeth in Children

This is a natural process that happens to every child. According to dentists, you should not try to hurry the process. The teeth will become loose and fall out by themselves or with a little assistance. Trying to pull the teeth too early will cause too much pain for the child. It may also negatively affect the correct order or eruption. This will affect biting and chewing. Ensure that the teeth is completely loose and that the teeth is healthy and not decayed. Where you notice tooth decay or infected gum, you need to see someone like Calgary Orthodontist for a gum surgery to remove it.

To make the a tooth come out quickly and safely, children should wiggle the tooth gently with their tongue. Using the tongue is gentler than using hands. Children should avoid shaking teeth with their bare hands. This is because their hands are usually dirty and it may introduce infections causing bacteria in their mouth.

2. See a Dentist

If the teeth are being problematic to come out, see a dentist for help. Also, if you notice too much bleeding after the teeth have come out, see a dentist immediately. When the tooth has become loose for a very long time, more than two months without coming out, see a dentist to help remove it.

3. Teeth Removal for Adults

Teeth removal in adults happens due to tooth decay, having crowded teeth or due to a compromised health problem. Health problems that may lead to teeth removal are if someone is undergoing chemotherapy, an organ transplant or heart surgery. If there is a threat of serious tooth infection, the dentist may have the teeth removed. Another cause of teeth removal in adults is you have periodontal disease. This disease affects the tissues and bones that surrounds the tooth support.

dental chair handpiece - How to Safely Remove Your Teeth

4. Consult a Dentist

As an adult, do not attempt to remove any problematic teeth by yourself. Unlike children teeth, adult’s teeth are meant to last for a lifetime. Therefore, specialized tools are needed to aid in their removal for safer and less painful extractions. This is because the dentist or the orthodontist will numb the area of a problematic tooth to get it removed. The dentist will advise you on after surgery on any care to get the socket quickly healed.

Teeth removal can be a bit painful for both kids and adults. If you are having problems removing the child’s tooth see a dentist. For adults, always ensure that you see a dentist or an orthodontist for safe and painless removal of teeth.

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