Infected Wisdom Tooth Leads to Coma In Young Woman

As has been covered before on this site, wisdom teeth extraction can lead to complications that can be life-long and lasting. On the other hand keeping wisdom teeth and not having them removed can also lead to risks and life-long problems. A recent case of this occurred in a woman who was 23 years old at the time she developed problems.

The woman developed a rash and flu-like symptoms. A few days after this her tongue and throat began to swell and this blocked her airways. She was then taken to the emergency room at a hospital where doctors began to investigate. There her blood pressure dropped rapidly and doctors put her in a coma for nine days to try to determine what was going on.

After several tests the doctors determined the woman was suffering from Ludwig’s angina which had spread from an infected wisdom tooth to her jaw. They believed she had been suffering from Ludwig’s angina for months. The woman was not even aware she had the wisdom tooth that caused the infection to spread.

As a result of the Ludwig’s angina the woman has been left with a permanent lisp. She had a long road to recovery but is now working on her business.

hospital emergency - Infected Wisdom Tooth Leads to Coma In Young Woman
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Over on the risks of keeping wisdom teeth page a discussion is made of how an infected wisdom tooth can lead to infections around your head and neck. A large amount of swelling in the face, throat, and neck can block the airway and lead to problems breathing. This can lead to an extended hospital stay and multiple surgeries. Such cases of Ludwig’s angina can be deadly.

This case helps illustrate the importance of having regular dental visits and regular brushing and flossing. It is also important to be evaluated for any possible wisdom teeth you may have but are unaware of and get advice on if they should be extracted or retained from dentists and oral surgeons.


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