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I wanted to post about some of the recent developments and soon to be developments that are happening relating to the dental community and my website. I feel that there are some important issues currently occuring.

First off, I want to thank dk from for the Chiptole burrito coupon. I won a free burrito coupon from a contest he was running on his blog.

Next off the U.S. election is fast approaching. On Novemeber 4th, 2008 millions of Americans will vote for their next president. I recently wrote an article over on Associated Content discussing the issues faced by Americans with the recent government bailout and it’s impact on the health system. Further I addressed some of the issues regarding Obama and McCain and their plans for healthcare.

If you suffer from chronic health problems the best choice is to move to another country. Neither candidate has a health care plan that works. Both continue to use the same old policies that leave over 45 million Americans without health care. Therefore, is not endorsing either candidate.

However, if you will be voting in the election and you are concerned about your health care the better choice is Barack Obama. McCain wants to radically change the current health care system. Even so, the best choice is to move to a different country that has a health care plan that doesn’t leave it’s citizens bankrupt and forced to wait until the problem is so bad that they can receive treatment at the Emergency Room.

If these issues interest you I encourage you to read and explore

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