Letter to the Mayo Clinic

I am planning to go the the Mayo Clinic next week because of my frustration,  lack of diagnosis, and belief that something can be done. The following is a letter I typed up to help my doctors and I understand the problem.

Up until two days following the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth, I was totally healthy and was experiencing no symptoms. I had a headache possibly once or twice a year and had no problems with chronic pain.


I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted on 6/23/06. I was given anesthesia and my blood pressure dropped rapidly. Because of this I was sedated, given laughing gas, and awake during the entire procedure. I remember laughing while the teeth were being removed and pieces of the teeth coming out of my mouth.

Two days following the extraction I awoke with the most severe pain I have ever experienced. It was a pulsating headache, coming from inside of my head, slightly to the right, and top. It did not go away and was made worse by running.


I saw a pediatrician, he recommended an MRI of the brain with contrast. The MRI showed a completely opacified right maxillary sinus. I saw an ENT and was given an antibiotic: augmentin.  I remained on the antibiotic and had a few CT scans throughout the summer of 2006. The sinus showed no improvement. I also went on levaquin and prednisone. The prednisone made me act strangely. At this time I went to a different ENT. Went back on augmentin and had sinus surgery on 8/30/06.

I continued to have a 24/7 headache following the sinus surgery even though the sinus was now clear. I was referred to a neurologist and ended up seeing 2 other neurologists in the area. I tried petadolex with no improvement. Then I tried neurontin and went up to 400mg with no improvement and feelings of dizziness after working out. I also tried darvocet and had some temporary improvement but felt very strange. I then tried vivactil and had severe heartburn after a week so I discontinued it. I then went on nortritpyline and it seemed to help take away some of the pain and the headache; however I continued to feel as if my head was pounding all the time and noticed it more whenever my head rested against something. I then tried verapmil and noticed no improvement and had reaction to it causing my veins in my back to become inflamed.


During this time I did 18 sessions of biofeedback, visited a chiropractor, tried acupuncture, did 5 sessions of cranioscaral massage, and did 4 sessions of myofascial release. I had an MRI of the brain with and without contrast, and MRI of the cervical spine, and an MRA, all which came back negative.


I notice the following symptoms ever since my wisdom teeth were extracted that I never noticed and had prior to the extraction. I had a anal abscess in September of 2006 that went away after a week or so. I feel as if my head is pounding and especially notice it whenever I lay my head down or rest it on something such as when I go to bed. I noticed my head pounding right when I wake up in the morning and until I fall asleep. It never goes away. Throughout the day I have a lot of head pain. I have noticed nerve tingling sensations throughout my back and shoulders. I have pain behind my right shoulder. I have noticed a tender, red, and painful to touch spot of my head slightly to the right and on the top. I sometimes feel as if I hear cracking noises in my head slightly on the right and deep inside. I also have a felt a few times as if something was moving around in my head in this location. I have noticed shakiness in my teeth especially the right front tooth. I have also noticed periodic dark blood coming out of my nose, especially in the morning after I wake up. I feel as if the head pound is extremely rapid. I have also noticed pain behind my left eye.


I have sensitivity to heat, it makes the pain worse. Lack of sleep especially less than 8 hours of sleep at night makes the pain much worse. Physical exertion can sometimes make the pain worse such as running or biking.  Being stressed out by things such as school and relationships makes the pain worse.


Taking a cool shower or going for a swim in a pool seems to help ease the pain.

Again I noticed none of these symptoms as described prior to the extraction of all 4 wisdom teeth. I have noticed an improvement of my pain level and intensity since the 24/7 head pain began; however it has never gone away and has been continuous.

Let me know if you think there is anything I should change 🙂

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