Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Jazz Songs

I have previously posted entries on some music you can listen to after having your wisdom teeth removal. See this post for some great rock and roll songs and see this post for some excellent musicians on YouTube who are worth a listen.

Now I would like to continue with some more music you can listen to after having wisdom teeth extracted with a focus on some excellent jazz songs.

Dave Koz – Together Again. I have seen Dave Koz a few times live and he is an excellent saxophone player.

Kaori Kobayashi – Walk in the Night. Suprisingly I have only learned of Kaori Kobayashi recently. She is from Japan and I play the saxophone myself so I tend to enjoy saxophone players.

Mindi Abair – Smile

Peter White and Grover Washington Jr. – Midnight in Manhattan

Herbie Hancock – Chameleon. This is one of my favorite songs to play on the saxophone.

John Coltrane – Giant Steps

These videos and songs don’t appear to be uploaded all legally but for some reason are still up so enjoy.

Update Jan. 2, 2018, several video links were dead so this was fixed.

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  1. Oh, wow! Music after teeth extraction. Very good point! I know that music is really helpful in other surgical procedures as well, so music for teeth extraction makes sense. lol Thanks for sharing, Deborah

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