Music To Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: YouTube Musicians

If you are recovering from having your wisdom teeth out or soon will be having surgery to have your wisdom teeth removed you may be looking for something to do.

One thing I enjoy doing these days is listening to musicians on YouTube.  Below are some artists I have enjoyed lately with some of their music embedded for your enjoyment.

Kurt Hugo Schneider.

Kurt is doing extremely well for himself and has over 1 million YouTube subscribers. He graduated from Yale in 2010 with a degree in mathematics and has his own Wikipedia page

The video below is produced by Kurt Hugo Schneider and features “Just a Dream” originally by Nelly with Sam Tsui  and Christina Grimmie on the vocals.

Tyler Ward.

Tyler is my favorite musician on YouTube and is an extremely talented kind individual. He is from Colorado, and is a former football player at United States Air Force Academy.

The video below is of Tyler singing and playing guitar for the song “Teenage Dream” originally by Katy Perry.

Julia Sheer.

Julia is a 19 year old musician also from Colorado and used to work with Tyler Ward. She has an absolutely amazing voice and is stunningly beautiful. She is currently in the band Caroline County

The video below is of Julia singing “Misery” originally by Maroon 5.

Joseph Vincent

Joseph has been the Ellen DeGeneres show a few times and is very talented.

The video below is an excellent rendition of Joseph Vincent singing  “Just a Dream” originally by Nelly with Jason Chen

Tiffany Alvord

Tiffany is an 18 year old female singer from California and also plays the guitar and piano.

The video below is of Tiffany singing “Love You Like a Love Song” originally by Selena Gomez with Jake Coco on the drums and as the producer.

Megan Nicole

Megan is a young and talented female vocalist.

The video below is Megan’s debut single “B-e-a-utiful”


Avery is a 16 year old singer who reminds me and many others of Avril Lavigne.

The video below is Avery singing an original song titled “Love  me or Let me Go”

Dave Days

Dave achieved a lot of YouTube fame by singing to Miley Cyrus cardboard cutouts which led to him actually having Miley in one of his videos. He actually is a pretty talented musician.

The video below is Dave days singing an original song titled “Your Melody”

If you are a bit more mature perhaps you will enjoy something from the Piano Guys But really definitely check out the video below.

Yes I know I am leaving many talented acts and musicians on YouTube out of this post, I’m sorry! Go on YouTube sometime and check them out. Also you can of course listen to mainstream acts and their music. This is just something different to perhaps keep you entertained for a bit.