Near Death Wisdom Teeth Removal Experience

I wanted to alert everyone to a recent article in The Orangeville Banner and The Wellington Advertiser regarding 17 year old female Mercedes Moore and her wisdom teeth removal near death experience.

According to the articles, Mercedes had her wisdom teeth removed in February, 2009. She began to feel a purple lump on her left temple along with pain and swelling. She saw the dentist for a follow up and told her he thought nothing was out of the ordinary. Eventually she had to be airlifted to a hospital because she was suffering from septic shock due to an infection that had developed and spread to her main arteries and organs. She had to undergo a surgery on her brain to remove a piece of skull and clean the infection. This surgery lasted 10 hours.

Due to the blood clotting she suffered from several strokes and remained in the hospital until May, 2009, a period of around 11 weeks.

She then remained in a rehabilitation center until October, 2009. She is now partially paralyzed in her right arm and leg and can only walk short distances. She is also learning to talk again and continuing to undergo physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy.

The reason for all of the problems following wisdom teeth removal is attributed to Lemierre’s Syndrome which rarely occurs after a wisdom tooth extraction. This disease is known to affect young and healthy adults. I recommend reading the Wikipedia article on Lemierre’s Syndrome to learn additional information.

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  1. This condition is quite rare. Luckily everything worked out ok. Who would of thought that removal of a wisdom tooth by a dentist could cause death?
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  2. Hi. I’m Mercedes Mom and just wanted to say that things did NOT work out for my daughter. She was in a coma for 17 days, had númerous strokes as a result of clots in her carotid and jugular. We spent 3 months in McMaster and a further 6 months at Bloorview rehab facility where Mercedes had to relearn everything including walking and talking. 5 years later she is partially paralyzed on her right side and has a mild brain injury. She is now suddenly suffering grand mal seizures which has me terrified.

  3. I am the mother of the wonderful young man who is dating this amazing young woman and yes, lucky she is still alive YES but to say luckily everything worked out is such a horrible thing to say “Dentist” !! years later and she is still suffering from what had happened but she is a beautiful and strong willed woman and aint nothing gonna hold her down !! Team Mercedes whoop whoop

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