Oral Surgeon Sexual Assault Acquittal

Last month I reported on sexual assault and how it has crept up into some oral surgeons offices during wisdom teeth removal. Well, recently there was another sexual assault case against an oral surgeon in the courts.

Dr. Robert J. Boyda was accused of sexual assault by 17 women who testified as such in trial. However, the judge determined that he believed the women “thought” they were sexually assaulted due to the drugs that they were on. One of the drugs was stated to have “sexual hallucinations” in rare cases. The drug in question is propofol. I question whether or not you can really test if a sexual hallucination is a side effect in rare cases. You would certainly need an honest surgeon.

This of course raises the issue of whether or not you should have anesthesia when you undergo surgery. A patient certainly does not want to be sexually assaulted and then have the sexual assaulter get away with it as may have happened with Robert J. Boyda’s case. We may never know if the sexual assault occurred but for know Robert J. Boyda is found not guilty.

Perhaps it is necessary to further test propofol and more accurately determine it’s side effects. Mike Seate also raises the point of not even using anesthesia when seeing the oral surgeon.

5 thoughts on “Oral Surgeon Sexual Assault Acquittal

  1. I was one of the assistants that turned Donald C. Johnson DDS in and I want to know if he’s still in prison?

  2. Hey Ang, I was shocked when I first heard about Donald C. Johnson.

    According the Bill Braun. Tulsa World. Ex-dentist sentenced; acted out “fantasy’. February 17, 1999. page 1.

    “In accordance with a plea negotiation, Tulsa Associate District Judge Bill Beasley sentenced Johnson to two 20-year terms and three 10-year terms, all running consecutively.”

    “Prosecutors say stacking five consecutive terms — requiring a defendant to be paroled five times before being released from prison — is a tougher punishment than a single 70-year term.”

    This was in 1999 and so it has been about 11 years. I really doubt he has been released, but not entirely sure.

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