Oral Surgery Misconduct During Wisdom Teeth Removal

In other posts on this blog I have talked about unfortunately there have been cases of misconduct occuring during wisdom teeth removal. See for example In Light of the Allegations of Child Sex Abuse at Penn State… and expanded on and discussed in greater detail over at http://www.teethremoval.com/sexual_assault_under_anesthesia_for_wisdom_teeth_removal.html.

In a recent case an oral surgeon in Massachusetts  was found guilty of fondling a 16 year old female patient while she was under sedation and having her wisdom teeth extracted. The oral surgeon was convicted of incident assault and battery and sentenced to 1 year in jail.  The patient in this case was fully clothed and another staff member of the dental team saw the misconduct occurring.

These cases are unfortunate. In order for both patients and dentists and/or surgeons to avoid issues nurses or other chaperones should be present during the surgery. In addition, in other cases, a side effect of some of the drugs given during surgery is sexual hallucinations. Therefore, there may be instances where misconduct really did not occur but the patient believed it did. Hence, a nurse or other chaperone present can help mitigate potential issues that can arise.

Source: Boston Herald, Mass oral surgeon guilty of fondling patient, March 14, 2013.

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