New Alexa Rankings

I keep up to date with website’s Alexa Rankings because they are indicator of a web site’s authority and reach. Today I noticed a major change in the way this site is ranked. It jumped significantly up in the 3 months ranking. Alexa says on there site… When Alexa began displaying rankings in 1998 it was with the goal of showing Alexa Toolbar users how popular any given site was within the Alexa community. We listened to your suggestions, and we believe that our new rankings system is much closer to what you asked for. We now aggregate data from multiple sources to give you a better indication of website popularity among the entire population of Internet users.You gave us many other suggestions as well, and we are working hard to implement them. We won’t tell any secrets just yet, … Read more

Gluten Free Vegan Diet

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients who eat a gluten-free vegan diet could be better protected against heart attacks and stroke.  A gluten-free vegan diet was shown to lower cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and oxidizedLDL (OxLDL), as well as raising the levels of natural antibodies against the damaging compounds in the body that cause symptoms of the chronic inflammatory disease.The idea that we can influence our health by changing our eating habits has become a fashionable idea among lifestyle and consumer magazines. There is evidence that dietary changes can bring about health benefits. Recently researchers found that the gluten-free vegan diet not only reduced LDL and oxLDL levels and raised antiPC antibodies but lowered the body-mass index (BMI) of the volunteers in that group. Levels of other fatty molecules, including triglycerides and high-density lipoprotein (HDL) stayed the same. In contrast, none of … Read more

Guided Imagery for Healing

Aristotle and Hippocrates believed in the power of images in the brain to enliven the heart and body. Today, research shows they were right. Guided imagery is helping patients use the full range of the body’s healing capacity. Guided imagery is more than listening to relaxing sounds. It’s a learning process to listen to someone’s voice, relax the breathing and consciously direct the ability to imagine. From there, the message is passed along to the body’s endocrine, immune and autonomic nervous systems. Guided imagery has been shown to benefit patients by: Reducing side effects from cancer treatment Reducing fear and anxiety prior to surgery. Managing stress Managing headaches. Studies have shown that guided imagery may aid in reducing the frequency of migraine headaches. Adapted from materials provided by Mayo Clinic.

Good Bye Wisdom Teeth

I wanted to take a second to discuss my dislike towards a website, blog, and forum that is awfully similar in structure to this website however is sending the exact opposite message. I am not going to link to them because I don’t want to help out their sites rating but the link is hxxp:// just remove the xx and replace with tt. Anyway the message of the site is the following “Wonderful! As this site is completely dedicated to helping others, the most important thing you can do is post to the forums of the site–especially before AND after your dental surgery. Help other people understand your situation. In marketing, they say 80% of all first-person stories are because of negative experiences. I really want to capture the truth, not just the bad experiences–so when your procedure is over, … Read more

Winning the Web Contest

So I just wanted to give everyone an update on how the winning the web contest ended up going for me. I did not win the Hummer H2. It turned out to be an April Fools joke, but I still made out incredibly well. I would like to thank Gyutae Park and all of the sponsors for helping make the contest such a success. I am not sure if I was supposed to win 3 prizes and if I will get to keep them, but I am  excited about winning. 6 Month Membership to SEOmoz Pro ($249 value) 8 PSD Custom Banner Designs from Banners Mall ($275 value) Custom Blog Design from Pixel Jig ($500 value)