National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week

September 10th to September 16 of 2007 is the National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week. It is a worldwide effort to bring people together who live with invisible chronic illnesses and those who love them. Organizations are encouraged to educate the general public, churches, health care professionals and government officials about the impact of living with a chronic illness that is not visually apparent. Rest Ministries the sponsor of the week offers these statistics. 1 in 2 Americans (133 million) has a chronic condition 96% of them live with an illness that is invisible. These people do not use a cane or any assistive device and may look perfectly healthy. Sixty percent are between the ages of 18 and 64 The divorce rate among the chronically ill is over 75% Depression is 15-20% higher for the chronically ill than for … Read more

Another Visit to a New Neurologist

Well on Friday I saw another new neurologist. I wanted to see what his thoughts were and what suggestions he had for my continuous head pounding. This neurologist was unlike other neurologists I have seen. He made me feel very at ease and I felt like I could explain everything to him that had been going on. I talked with him, and he performed some neurological tests for over two hours. In fact, during this time he gave me a glass of water and showed me to the bathroom. I went through all of my symptoms with the doctor and gave him my medical history. He also asked me several questions such as how much caffeine I consume on a regular basis, if I had sensitivity to light, the weather, and also several other questions. After a very thorough examination, … Read more

The Goals Guy

I personally have a been a fan of the goals guy for a number of years now, and for those of you not familiar with him, I wanted to share some information. The goals guy is a website online run by Gary Blair. He also has a lot of books and other services provided aimed at getting you to achieve your goals. While, I have not yet personally purchased any of his products, I still feel really charged and in good spirits whenever I look at his website, specifically the knowledge center. I personally feel that the information contained in the pages is extremely powerful and important to be successful in life. On his site, Gary offers top ten lists and goal setting tips, techniques, and ideas. I strongly recommend you look at what he has to offer. Since first … Read more

Cluster Headaches Treated with Nasal Spray

A nasal spray is safe and effective at rapidly treating cluster headaches, which are considered to be the most painful kind of headache with few treatment options, according to a recent study. The double-blind trial involved 52 people with cluster headache who used five or 10 milligrams of zolmitriptan nasal spray or placebo to treat 151 separate cluster headache attacks. The study found 63 percent of people treated with the drug at the higher dose reported headache relief at 30 minutes, compared to 50 percent of people taking the lower dose of zolmitriptan nasal spray and 30 percent in the placebo group.”This is a significant finding and the main endpoint of our study,” said study author Alan M. Rapoport, MD, with The New England Center for Headache in Stamford, CT, and Clinical Professor of Neurology at The David Geffen School … Read more

Keeping Your Teeth Clean Could Help Prevent a Heart Attack

Written by Jenny Hope Brushing and flossing your teeth could save you from a heart attack, claim experts. Doctors found those with the worst blockages in their arteries had the most severe gum disease. There is mounting evidence of a link between gum disease and heart disease, but a study claims to be the first to show that the severity of each disease may also be connected. Chronic gum disease is called periodontitis, which occurs when waste material or plaque collects around the teeth and irritates the gums. Plaque is removed when teeth are looked after properly. However, failure to brush and floss can lead to the irritated gums becoming infected. Teeth become loose and can even fall out. It is not clear how gum disease may trigger heart problems, although it is thought that bacteria released from the infected … Read more