Was Wisdom Teeth Removal Performed Without Consent that Lead to Trigeminal Nerve Damage, Migraines, and Dizziness?

An Illinois woman has filed a lawsuit against her dentist and dentist assistant in October, 2019, alleging that four wisdom teeth were extracted without informed consent. Just before the surgery occurring in September 2017, the woman alleges that she spoke with the dental assistant about concerns with going forward with the extraction. However, the surgery proceeded and the woman was given general anesthesia. The woman’s boyfriend at the time of the surgery signed of on the informed consent form although there was no legal right to do so. The dentist was not aware that the woman had nerves that were too close to the wisdom tooth and thus should have required a more complex procedure. The suit says the dentist used an “overly aggressive, improper technique” and “negligently and carelessly failed to properly inform the plaintiff of all the risks.” … Read more

The Before and After of Tooth Surgery: Everything You Need to Know

Tooth extraction is a common procedure. When your teeth are severely decayed and broken, and the dentist cannot repair them with a filling or other dental procedure like a root canal, tooth extraction is the last option. When you know what to expect before and after tooth extraction, you will be at ease. By following clear instructions, you can prevent infections and avoid dry socket, which is a very painful condition. Let’s see what you should do before and after tooth extraction. Before Tooth Extraction Ask questions It is normal to have questions about the procedure. Don’t hold back. List down all your questions and remember that no question is too silly to ask. Get answers to your questions before proceeding with the tooth extraction procedure. The Dentist will Perform X-Rays Before the extraction, the dentist will perform x-rays of … Read more

What Movies to Watch After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

After having wisdom teeth extracted there is some downtime while everything heals and the recovery process occurs. Perhaps you are used to a more active lifestyle and are not used to having to just sit around for several days without any strenuous activity. If this is the case you might be looking for a few movies to watch to keep you occupied. The following describes some steps to take to locate those movies to watch that perhaps you may enjoy.  First, you may want to consider what genre movie you are interested. Different people have different tastes. Genres to consider include Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film Noir, History , Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Short, Sport, Superhero, Thriller, War, Western. After considering different genre options this may give you an idea of what you … Read more

Using Cryotherapy including Ice Packs and Cold Compress after Wisdom Teeth Surgery to Reduce Swelling and Pain and Improve Mouth Opening

An interesting article titled “Therapeutic efficacy of cryotherapy on facial swelling, pain, trismus and quality of life after surgical removal of mandibular third molars: A systematic review,” written by Larson et al. appears in the Journal of Oral Rehabilitation (2019). The article seeks to test the hypothesis that swelling, pain and trismus (limited mouth opening) is not changed from the use of cyrotherapy. Cryotherapy is where cold is applied to the skin for therapeutic purposes such as using ice packs, gel packs, cold compresses, and Hilotherm face masks. Cryotherapy is regularly used by athletes to treat musculoskeletal injuries. It is known that many patients are using cryotherapy after wisdom teeth removal already, see for example the post Recent Celebrities to have Wisdom Teeth Removal. The authors were motivated to perform the study because facial swelling, pain and trismus had not … Read more

Kinesiology Taping Following Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you live in the U.S. you may have seen recent commercials on TV advertising a product called KT Tape featuring three time Gold metal olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh Jennings. However, you may not know that Kinesiology Taping or KT for short has been used in several studies to see if it can help accelerate recovery after wisdom teeth removal. Kinesiology Taping is an an elastic therapeutic tape that has been used to support injured muscles and joints and help relieve pain. KT is believed to improve the blood and lymph flow and remove congestions of lymphatic fluid or hemorrhages. In a study by Ristow et al. titled “Therapeutic elastic tape reduces morbidity after wisdom teeth removal—a clinical trial,” appearing in Clinical Oral Investigations (vol. 18, pp. 1205–1212, 2014) the authors performed a randomized clinical trial with 40 patients … Read more