Mark Zuckerberg’s Dad is a Dentist

I am surprised I had not heard of this before, but Mark Zuckerberg yes the guy who is a co-founder and runs Facebook and who has an estimated wealth of many billions, has a dad named Edward Zuckerberg who is a practicing dentist. The American Dental Association (ADA) recently discussed Edward Zuckerberg in their article Websites a “no-brainer’ for dental practices written by Kelly Soderlund appearing September 8, 2011, and located at Yes Dr. Zuckerberg has his own dental practice in New York and his website is located at Yes of course Dr. Zuckerberg also has his own facebook page I am a bit surprised that Mark Zuckerberg’s dad is still practicing dentistry and still works a full schedule since he is over 56 years old and his son is pretty well off financially. I suppose he must love being a dentist and likes the prestige with the profession. Image of Mark Zuckerberg from and has a Creative Commons License. In another article in the Los Angeles Times titled Meet Edward Zuckerberg, tech-savvy dentist (and Mark’s father) written by Nathaniel Popper appearing March 30, 2011, and located at Dr. Zuckerberg says “If I wanted to […]

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Second Opinion Advertisements for Dentists

An article in The Journal of the American Dental Association titled “Are Advertisements That Offer ‘Free Second Opinions’ Ethical by Rod B. Wentworth (October 1, 2011, vol. 142, no. 10, pages 1199-1200) talks about the ethics involved with dentists advertising “free second opinions.” In the article it says “So simply offering free second opinions is not in and of itself unethical. It is perfectly acceptable for a patient to seek a second opinion. In fact, dentists should consider suggesting that their patients obtain second opinions, especially when they have questions or concerns about the appropriateness of the recommended treatment.” One issue raised in the article is that in a second opinion, if a patient has any x-rays they should be sent along with the patient for the second opinion to avoid unnecessary radiation. The other issue raised is giving second opinions without making disparaging remarks about the patient’s dentist from the first opinion also known as jousting. Doing so can result in possible disciplinary action against the dentist and may have potential legal implications but as a patient if it was warranted I would like to hear the truth. The purpose of a free second opinion would of course be […]

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American Dental Association Toothflix Demo Series

Recently the American Dental Association (ADA)  has released a Patient Education DVD series called Toothflix. It contains 23 different video segments which explore different topics designed to educate patients on their oral health and prevention and treatment strategies. The complete series including all 23 segments currently is available for $699. Each segment is around 3 to 6 minutes long. It is intended to be played on a TV and DVD player in the reception or waiting area of a dental office. It could also be used in actual treatment rooms perhaps to help explain more clearly certain topics to patients. In addition another use would be for when a dentist goes out into the community to give a presentation or some other event. The ADA has 7 of the segments partially available on their website for demonstration purposes. I reviewed the segment on Preventing Periodontal Disease and felt it was informative. The viewer learns about how periodontal disease is caused by plaque which is caused by not cleaning regularly enough and properly after eating. The viewer learns about the warning signs of periodontal disease Gums that bleed easily are red, swollen, or tender Gums pull away from teeth Constant bad […]

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Medical School Student Costs in the U.S. are Affecting Mental Health

A research letter titled “U.S. Medical Students’ Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association  vol. 306, no.9, pages 931-933, in September 7, 2011, and written by Rachel Nardin and et al. discusses how medical students are often sleep-deprived, depressed, and have thoughts of suicide. This can lead to lack of empathy for their patients and contribute to additional medical errors once they graduate. It can also lead to substance abuse. Even so these medical students are not being adequately treated for their psychiatric disorder or substance abuse due to wanting to avoid adding additional costs to their already substantial debt from school. It is a fact that about 50% of those with a serious mental disorder also suffer from a substance abuse disorder. The study looked at health insurance offered by 115 of the 129 U.S. medical schools between June and December of 2010. It found that the coverage for mental health varies substantially. J. Wesley Boyd one of the study authors says via an article published on titled Study: Cost s keep Med Students From Much-Needed Mental Health Care written by Carey Goldberg and published September 7, 2011, […]

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Advocacy White Paper on Third Molar Surgery by AAOMS

Recently the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) issue a Press Release located over at In the conclusion of the press release it states “The AAOMS encourages patients and their families to talk to their general dentist, orthodontist or family physician to determine whether third molar surgery is indicated. If a decision is made to retain these teeth, regular dental check-ups and good dental hygiene to control or prevent periodontal disease are essential.” The press release discusses a recent Advocacy White Paper released on Third Molar Surgery. This is located at I think the this recent White Paper issued on November 10, 2011, is well worth the read for anyone considering having elective healthy wisdom teeth surgery performed. The paper mentions some of the recent controversy of the medical necessity of removing erupted and impacted third molars. Numerous references to the scientific literature are provided. Of course as an adovacy paper it states ” AAOMS fully supports the elective, therapeutic removal of impacted  third molar teeth that are not likely to erupt into a disease free position, whether the third molar teeth  exhibit symptoms or not, and preferably prior to the onset of periodontal or pericoronal disease” Near the end of […]

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