Wisdom Teeth Extraction Videos on Youtube to Promote Dental Practices

I found some interesting videos showing how a dentist extracts a wisdom tooth on youtube. While these videos may appear to be innocent, they actually are designed to promote the dentist’s office and practice. Even so they are informative for those interesting in learning more about wisdom tooth surgery. The first video shows Jonathan H. Kim. D.D.S. who is a San Jose, California, dentist. The second video shows Dr. Jerry Gordon who is a dentist in Bensalem, Philadelphia. In the first video a woman has two wisdom teeth extracted. At the end of the video she says the surgery was painless and says that others should stop by. In the second video a woman has an upper wisdom tooth that has been bothering her removed.  At the end of the video the woman says the surgery didn’t hurt and she didn’t feel anything. While I appreciate the dentists showing the videos of how wisdom teeth are removed in the name of education, I wish they would have left out the whole bit at the end where the patient who just had the tooth extracted says she felt no pain. Unfortunately these videos appear to be marketing ploys by the dentists […]

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Breaking Down Barriers to Oral Health for All Americans – ADA Workforce Statement

Today (February 22, 2011) the American Dental Association (ADA) issued a 16 page document titled Breaking Down Barriers to Oral Health for All Americans: The Role of Workforce. This can be downloaded on the ADA website at http://www.ada.org/sections/advocacy/pdfs/ada_workforce_statement.pdf The document is intended as the first in a series of documents which will be subsequently released intended to help improve the oral health of Americans who may not currently have proper access to dental care. In the opening of the document is a message from Raymond Gist, D.D.S. and President of the American Dental Association. In this message Dr. Gist states “As the nation’s leading advocate for oral health, the ADA believes that we can and will reach the day when no American who needs and seeks the care that leads to good oral health will be denied. We believe that this can be accomplished by enhancing, rather than compromising a proven system of care that has served the oral health needs of generations.” In the document it is stated “Until a sense of value and a desire for oral health become the norm, the existing barriers will continue to block any significant progress toward improving the oral health of those […]

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Headaches in Teens Tied to Obesity, Smoking, and Lack of Exercise

These findings certainly come as no surprise. Teenagers who are overweight, get little exercise, or who smoke may be more likely to have frequent headaches and migraines when compared to teens who do not have these characteristics. Teens with all three of the previously described negative lifestyle factors were 3.4 times more likely to have frequent headaches than those with none of those factors. Fifty five percent of those teens with all three of these negative lifestyle factors have frequent headaches where as 25% of teens without any of these factors have frequent headaches. Another result of the study was that those with two negative lifestyle factors were 1.8 times more likely to have frequent headaches. Looking individually at the negative lifestyle factors: smoking teens have headaches 50% more frequently, overweight teens have headaches 40% more frequently and teens who exercise less than twice a week have headaches 20% more frequently. These results were based on the data provided by the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study where 5,847 students age 13 to 18 in Nord-Trøndelag county in Norway were interviewed by nurses about headaches and their weight and height measurements were taken. They also completed a questionnaire about physical activity and smoking.  […]

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Raven Maria Blanco Foundation

I thought I would make a quick post here to make readers aware of the Raven Maria Blanco Foundation. “The mission of RMBF is to increase the awareness of medical emergency preparedness in dental offices across the United States.” The foundation has a focus on pediatric dental patients and came about due to an 8 year old girl named Raven Maria Blanco who passed away unexpectedly after having her teeth cleaned and calcium deposits removed by a general dentist. She was given an overdose of chloral hydrate. The foundation released a Six Links of Survival Public Service announcement and has numerous dental and other partners. The foundation is headed by Mario Blanco and has teamed up with Larry J. Sangrik D.D.S. You can view the Public Service announcement, some news segment features on Raven and the foundation, along with other patients who have unfortunately passed away after dental procedures performed at the new dental death videos page on this website.

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Wisdom Teeth Surgery Survey

I wanted to let those know who might be new to teethremoval.com that a 10 question survey on wisdom teeth removal is ongoing. If you are a longtime visitor and have not yet taken the survey or are a new visitor to teethremoval.com I hope you can spare a few minutes of your time and click on the link below to take the survey on wisdom teeth extractions. http://teethremoval.polldaddy.com/s/6E8CF57E23BD9041 The survey is anonymous so your name and personal information will not be tied to the responses. Below are a few recent responses from the survey.  Thanks for your help! It makes a difference to those who may be considering have their wisdom teeth taken out. Here is a recent survey response from a 29 year old woman who had 1 wisdom tooth removed who chose to elaborate on her wisdom teeth removal experience after completing the initial questions in the survey. My lower left wisdom tooth had given me pain and infection twice in the past. During a flare-up of pain and infection, I went to the public dental hospital and the dentist suggested pulling the tooth. I asked what the possible complications were and he merely said that there […]

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