Multidisciplinary Conference on Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth)

I wanted to let everyone know that on October 19, 2010, at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel in Washington, D.C. there will be a so called “Multidisciplinary Conference on Third Molars.” This meeting will consist on an invitation-only audience. This event is being organized by the American Association of  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS). Those who will be in attendance include dental, medical, governmental, and third party organizations. I wonder if I will be receiving an invitation however I doubt it due to the nature of the meeting and its intent to promote the removal of healthy impacted wisdom teeth due to so called “accurate and true evidence based research.” Since I now reside near the D.C area I may try to attend the conference to see what is being discussed and to make sure that accurate results are being presented and discussed. The program of the conference includes the following (bullets below) as stated in Ira D. Cheifetz’s In My View Section on page 2 of the AAOMS Today Volume 8, Issue 5, September/October 2010 issue. “Quantifies the issue of third molars in terms of the number of patients who have retained asymptomatic third molars, and the costs associated with […]

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Lead to Brain Damage

I have previously discussed how Austin Stone was left in a coma after having his wisdom teeth removed. Recently, I have seen that Megan Rae Comstock several years ago suffered from permanent brain damage as a result of an overdose of sedation while having her wisdom teeth removed. Specifically it appears that her brain was deprived of essential oxygen during the oral surgery which lead to the brain injury and damage. This is believed to have occurred due to the oral surgeon giving Megan more than the recommended amount of sedation during the procedure. It is quoted that Megan “went from being an accomplished pianist and equestrienne to one who is now challenged in these and in many other areas.” It is very unfortunate that complications from wisdom teeth removal can lead to brain damage which is a very serious problem especially at a young age like Megan. To learn more about the case and legal matters that followed I encourage you to read and

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction Survey

This post just serves as another reminder for those who have not completed the Wisdom Teeth Removal Survey that it is still ongoing. If you are a longtime visitor and have not yet taken the survey or are new to I encourage you to click on the link below to take the survey. Below are a few recent responses from the survey. Also the survey is anonymous so it is not associated with your personal identity in any way. Thanks for your help! Here is one survey response after completing the initial questions in the elaborate section. The numbness is around my lower lip all the way down to my chin and teeth on the bottom left side and I am freaked out i was told there would be a 1 in 100 chance of a tingling sensation but i didn’t think it would happen to me i am seriously freaked out I can’t live like this forever and its only been 5 days. Here is another Wisdom Teeth Removal Survey response. I had 1 impacted wisdom tooth and was advised to be sedated and have all 4 removed, minutes before the op i was asked to sign […]

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Deadly Infection and Wisdom Teeth Removal

I found a short snippet from the Wharton School of Business. The article addresses Wharton’s 2010 Business Plan Competition. One of the teams in the article is called R2R Therapeutics. The motivation for the team was 2nd year Wharton MBA student Bee Rhee who almost lost his wife due to a bacterial infection that occurred after the removal of his wife’s wisdom teeth. His wife was given antibiotics and they were able to stop the infection and she is currently alive today. However this business plan from this team does highlight a growing concern in healthcare which has to do with bacterial which is becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics. R2R Therapeutics’ goal is to combat these drug resistant bacteria by focusing on a novel cationic steroid antibiotic called R2R-1 which will work to disrupt the cell membrane and kill the bacteria. The effect would be to have the bacteria mutate and change less often and thus be less resistant to causing deadly infections such as what could potentially occur after the extraction of wisdom teeth. The article states So far, the team reported that R2R-1 appears to be resistant to resistance, safe and highly potent. Using technology discovered […]

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Dental Practices of some Dentists Websites Online is Questionable

Lately I have been frustrated with a particular individual who calls himself “georgeshoemoney”. His email is He commonly registers on website forums (such as my own before I deleted his account and posts) and replies to posts and/or starts new posts with really weak content which might contain a sentence of poor English. He then has a link in the signature of his post which contains a link to a dentist website. He commonly links to using the link ‘Dentist in Milpitas.’ On other websites I have also seen him link to using the link “Dentists in Orange.’ Now digging a little deeper I see that both of these sites contain a link to Now I have deliberately not HTML linked to these websites because I do not agree with these camouflage techniques to manipulate Google search ratings. The thought is is that you can add a link with some useful link text to many websites to your website than this will help you appear higher up when people search in Google. So it appears to me that some Dentists are deciding to have their website designed by who then goes on to use these […]

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