Reducing Migraines with Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

An interesting article titled “Non-Endoscopic Deactivation of Nerve Triggers in Migraine Headache Patients,” appears in the 2014 issue of the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery written by Lisa Gfrerer and et. al. The article describes a method to screen and select patients for a surgical migraine treatment technique used by plastic and reconstructive surgeons. The surgery decompresses nerves that trigger migraines.

The surgery used is stated to be an alternative to an endoscopic approach used which works down from the scalp under the skin as the other approach is not always suitable. The surgery discussed involves incisions through the upper eyelid and the study demonstrated that this approach was equally as effective for the deactivation of nerves involved in migraine headaches.

In the study migraine headaches were completely eliminated in roughly 51% of the patients while around 20% of the patients experiencing an 80% reduction in their migraine symptoms. Close to 33% of all patients had between 50% and 80% all of their migraine symptoms resolved. A total of 35 patients were included in this study and all suffered from chronic nerve compressed migraine headaches. In order to confirm that all the patients did in fact have chronic nerve compressed migraine headaches, Botox or nerve treatments were utilized.

Since only 35 patients were included in this study, larger sample size studies are of course needed to better confirm the results. The main takeaway is that surgery appears to be useful and helpful for many patients who suffer from migraine headaches. Migraine headaches attack women more than men in the U.S. The headaches are also often with nausea and sensitivity to light and sounds.

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