Relocation: The key considerations to tackle

Some people will live in the same place, or even the same house, for their entire lives. Then, you have free spirits, those who like to roam about from city to city every year.

In between the above groups, there are some people who are forced to uproot their life and relocate. Generally speaking, this tends to be for work, but there can also be reasons related to family which make it a necessity.

If you have are considering relocating in the past, the below will offer you some of the big things to consider ahead of your move.

Location, location, location

Granted, you may have decided on your new destination of choice, but your next choice revolves around the city, or even the neighborhood that you will be heading to.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just about crime rates and similar statistics which suggest whether a place is safe to live or not. It also revolves around demographics and if we hone in on this data as an example, the average age of an area can play a part. For example, if you are young, free and single, would moving to somewhere like The Villages, FL, with a median age of 66 really work for you?

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What is the cost of living?

You might be moving for an increased salary, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you will feel better off. Sure, you might be earning 10% more than your previous role, but have you thought about the cost of living?

Like it or not, most big cities do have bigger salaries, but with the side effect of a higher cost of living. The sums often don’t add up, so make sure you perform these calculations a long time before you take the plunge and move away.

Are there good hospitals, doctors, and dentists in the area?

Depending on your age and how big your family is perhaps the availability of hospitals, doctors, and dentists near you will be a factor. Some states like Hawaii and Massachusetts have been shown in studies to be the best states in the U.S. for health care. The overall quality of care you can receive and also access to care can certainly be deciding factors when deciding where you might relocate to.

You also should consider having any needed medical care or dental care performed before you move. You may even want to schedule something in advance to arriving at your new location as doctor and dentists schedules can fill up months in advance.

How far are you truly away from family?

For some of you, this move away might involve you moving a long way from family. This is something that can really impact everyone – so it’s crucial to understand the true distance you are away from them.

We’re not just talking about distance either. Let’s not forget that a 50 mile journey can take considerably different times depending on whether you are visiting at rush hour or not. If you are the type of person who will just want to jet off and see your loved ones on a whim, look at the peak traffic times and ask yourself if this is something you are really willing to sign up to.

For some of you – education

This final point won’t impact all of you, but if you have children there are obvious questions. Sure, there might be lots of good schools in the area, but if you are joining midway through the school year you need to assess your chances of your children being accepted in them.

Then, this also ties back to neighborhoods. A city might have some amazing schools, but these might happen to be based in the most expensive area. You need to consider if your finances are in a position to cope with this or if you are able withstand these increased pressures for the time being.

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