Running for 30 years and a Cheap Holiday Feast

I found a few good reads around the web.

The first is from the Wall Street Journal. It talks about a 66 year old man and how for the past 30 years he has ran every day. What I find most suprising about the article is that his man is actually a doctor. He has ran atleast 2 miles every dance since 1978. I think the article is worth the read if you enjoy running or need some motivation to exercise. I really enjoy running myself, but I know that running more than 6 days a week really is not good practice. You usually feel more tired if you continue to run every day and don’t take atleast 1 day off every now and then. I no longer run very much due to knee injuries that have sidelined me.

The second article is from the Boston Globe. It discusses a $66.95 meal with detalied instructions on what to buy and how to make the food for this holiday season. The main dish is Glazed Braised Five-Spice Pork and for dessert Caramelized Clementine and Chocolate Tart. If you are looking to try something new or want to save some money for the family this holiday then it is worth the read.

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