Six Year Old Dies After Dentist Visit

A six year old boy has died during a recent visit to the dentist.  This said story has been reported by several news sources such as MSNBC.

An autopsy is currently being conducted to determine the specific cause of death. However, the boy was given anesthesia  during the dental procedure and died after the breathing tube was removed.

This tragic story has occurred in Virginia.

Sedation certainly caries risks when at the dentist and I have previously reported on this blog of a case where someone has died after undergoing anesthesia while having their wisdom teeth removed. If you are considering having anesthesia while visiting the dentist or oral surgeon you should be aware of the risks and potential harmful complications that can occur.

6 thoughts on “Six Year Old Dies After Dentist Visit”

  1. This is very tragic news. Although extremely rare, one of the comlications of undergoing general anesthesia for dental care is death. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family.

  2. This generally happens when dentists who are not qualified to give anesthesia go ahead and give GA or IV Sedation. Thus, one must always avoid such dentists and always insist on a qualified anesthetist for any dental procedure.

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