Some New Wisdom Teeth and Dental Information Websites

Recently I have come across a few new websites in the dental space and wisdom teeth space on the internet. Update as of June 2019 both of these websites are dead and no longer exist.

1) One of these websites is

This site says

 “TeethCenter is an organization committed to providing consumers and dentists with an online resource for dental related and news and information. There are many “health” sites on the web, but, not a prominent site dedicated to dental news and information.”

The website looks quite nice but it’s articles in terms of quality are the typical.

For example, on the page “Should I Have my Wisdom Teeth Pulled,” discussion is made of some reasons for and against wisdom teeth removal but not statistics/data to help aid the reader is presented.  I have provided a lot of information on this topic at

Another article provided on is on “Wisdom Teeth Extraction Complications,” where a few complications of wisdom teeth surgery is provided. I have provided a very detailed list of wisdom teeth removal complications over at

The site has been putting out some press releases lately where they say

“Impacted wisdom need to be removed in most cases and there is no way around that. At the same time, the awareness needs to continue to grow.”

I am not quite sure where they are basing their information on this because clearly there is a lot of controversy on wisdom teeth removal as discussed at

2) Another site is

The site says

“ was set up to provide comprehensive, unbiased information for people who have wisdom teeth that are causing problems and in need of removal. We strive to cover all the wisdom teeth removal topics so that people will have less fear and apprehension about the problems that plagues them.”

The site provides information on wisdom teeth removal cost, wisdom teeth extraction procedure, wisdom teeth removal recovery, wisdom teeth extraction aftercare, and even features a wisdom teeth removal blog.

The site offers some information on various dental insurance plans to consider and also says you can consider having a general dentist perform the surgery to save cost although I would not personally, in my opinion, advise this.

The site mentions a few possible complications of wisdom teeth removal. It also mentions some of the risks of keeping wisdom teeth in and what can happen.

Both of the sites could provide additional information for those looking for more on wisdom teeth removal but both are lacking in many important areas.

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