Staying Upbeat when Facing Teeth Removal

For those who are deciding to retain or to extract healthy impacted wisdom teeth or for those who have a tooth or teeth that has a clear indication for removal, you may find yourself at times feeling sad or experiencing sadness. Perhaps this sadness is from thinking about the costs and expenses needed to have great dental health and thinking about how people in other countries might have cheaper health care yet still have good outcomes. Perhaps this sadness is from looking over what seems to be countless complications occurring from wisdom teeth such as on the wisdom teeth complications page on this site and thinking about the negative effect it had on those lives. Perhaps this sadness is from thinking about all the time and effort that is required with a dental malpractice lawsuit and feeling sorry for those who had legitimate injuries yet were under-compensated. Perhaps this sadness is from thinking about those who just wanted to improve their dental health yet somehow managed to become opioid addicted after having wisdom teeth extracted. Perhaps this sadness is from thinking about all the horrible acts of sexual misconduct committed by dentists and oral surgeons. Perhaps this sadness is from thinking about all these things mentioned above and just wanting quality affordable healthcare for yourself and your family and not having to worry about complications, lawsuits, and everything else, just wanting everything to work out without the fuss and hassle. When push comes to shove there is only so much a person can control, but they certainly can take control of not letting this sadness manifest too much into a long lasting depression.

So if one is feeling sad surrounding any issues related to teeth removal what can one do? Well an excellent article by those at BetterHelp describes where to turn when you are feeling sad. First you can accept that there are just some things you cannot change and that continuing to dwell on them will only lead to more sadness. Second you can practice meditation which can help your mind to focus on the positive and not the negative. Third you can do your best to keep your body healthy. You have a fair amount of control over the foods you eat and how much you floss and brush your teeth. You also have the ability to exercise. While it is true you may lead a busy lifestyle and not have all the time you would like to cook the prefect meal and workout for as long as you would like, there are steps you can take to make the most of the time you have. Fourth, you can spend some time trying to laugh. These days it is fairly easy to find comedians making funny jokes using YouTube. Fifth, you can unplug and remove yourself from using a computer or watching TV. If you tend to gravitate to certain websites online or certain TV channels perhaps this is contributing to your sadness. For example, if you keep finding yourself on all sorts of websites talking about how countless people became addicted to opioids after wisdom teeth removal or suffered dental malpractice yet didn’t win any money this might just continue to make you sad. You do not want to end up in a downward spiral as this could lead to full flown depression and could require mental health professionals to treat.

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The bottom line is when facing wisdom teeth removal it is okay to let what you read on websites such as this make you sad for a period of time, but you need to be proactive and take steps to not let this continue for too long. There is certainly a lot to feel sad about when it comes to thinking about the topic of teeth removal. However, there are many approaches to stay upbeat and by staying upbeat when it comes time to your surgery your might just be pleasantly surprised that you quickly recovered within a few days and then went back to your regular life feeling happy and content as if nothing ever transpired.

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