How Can Dentists Better Set Expectations About their Career Choices to Avoid Couples Therapy?

Dentists these days are graduating with ever increasing amounts of debt as a result of loans needed to graduate from dental school. This topic has been covered before on this site such as in the post Will Dental School Debt Lead to Future Counseling?. Such debt may take a heavy toll on dentists and the patients they serve. One way debt from dental school can adversely impact a dentist is in his or her romantic relationships. This is touched on in the post Divorce and Dentistry: Repairing Broken Relationships. In this post one of the common contributors to divorce for dentists is their spouse not having clear expectations about work and finances. A new dentist may take many years of paying down debt before there is money left over for nice houses and fancy vacations. Perhaps if the spouse or … Read more

The Benefits of A Bachelor of Science in Nursing

I often post about college students and the costs associated with college, for example see this post Graduated College Students Having a Tough Time. For those looking for a potential career path you may want to consider obtaining a Bachelor of Science in nursing. The following infographic gives useful information for those who may be interested in nursing. One should note that employers prefer to hire nurses with a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) and that it is required if you are interested in working for the Department of Veterans Affairs. Via: Anna Maria College

Being Thankful For What We Have A Dentist Perspective

An interesting article ran in the MyView Section of the American Dental Association titled “A time to be thankful for all that we have,” written by Richard A. Mufson, D.D.S., and published November 7, 2011. In the article Dr. Mufson discusses how he will typically ask other dentists the standard question of “how are you?” This typically goes into discussions of the dental practice and whether or not financially the practice is doing well or not. Dr. Mufson then says he had no real desire to talk about the dental practice but about how the person really is. Dr. Mufson goes on to say “When caught up in our daily routines and the trials and tribulations of everyday life, many of us may not always be closely in touch with, nor take the time to be grateful for, aspects in our … Read more