College Students Should be Weary of Bacteria Near their Toothbrush

An interesting study suggests that there is transmission of fecal coliforms in communal bathrooms at a university and that a toothbrush can serve as transmitting the pathogenic organisms. The problem is when there is fecal matter on your toothbrush from someone else which contains bacteria or parasites that are not part of your normal flora. In the study toothbrushes were collected from those using communal bathrooms with around 9.4 occupants per bathroom. Regardless of how the toothbrush was stored at least 60% were found to have fecal coliforms. There was an 80% chance that the fecal colifroms on the toothbrushes did not belong to their owner and came from another person using the same bathroom. The authors of the study note that using a toothbrush cover does not protect the toothbrush from bacteria growth and instead creates an environment where bacteria … Read more

Graduated College Students Having a Tough Time

I have previously discussed how college students today who graduate are having a tough time. See for example the post Medical School Student Costs in the U.S. are Affecting Mental Health,the post College Conspiracy and United States Hyperinflation, the post Astroturfing And How Your Thoughts Are Being Manipulated by Corporate Interests, and the post Let’s Give our Kids a Chance to Succeed. Below is a nice infographic that helps to describe the problem in more detail. Created by:

Medical School Student Costs in the U.S. are Affecting Mental Health

A research letter titled “U.S. Medical Students’ Health Insurance Coverage for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment” published in the Journal of the American Medical Association  vol. 306, no.9, pages 931-933, in September 7, 2011, and written by Rachel Nardin and et al. discusses how medical students are often sleep-deprived, depressed, and have thoughts of suicide. This can lead to lack of empathy for their patients and contribute to additional medical errors once they graduate. It can also lead to substance abuse. Even so these medical students are not being adequately treated for their psychiatric disorder or substance abuse due to wanting to avoid adding additional costs to their already substantial debt from school. It is a fact that about 50% of those with a serious mental disorder also suffer from a substance abuse disorder. The study looked at health insurance offered … Read more