Hair Samples Prove Stress Causes Heart Attacks

New research has used male hair samples to prove that chronic stress and lead to cardiovascular disease such as a heart attack. It has been known for some time now that stress such as that from a marriage, job problems, and/or financial problems can lead to an increased risk of heart attack. However, there was never really a way to directly measure this stress. Drs. Gideon Koren and Stan Van Uum from the University of Western Ontario have developed a method to measure cortisol levels in hair which can provide a measure of stress levels before a problem like a heart attack occurs. It is well known that cortisol is a stress hormone and more of it is released when someone is stressed out. Dr. Koren explains  “We know that on average, hair grows one centimetre (cm) a month, and … Read more


Stress causes cortisol levels to increase within the body, which increases oil production and  causes acne breakouts. Getting more exercise, obtaining proper rest, and caring for skin are three basic steps to counteract these problems. Dermatologists have found when you’re stressed out, your body releases a hormone called cortisol. “When cortisol levels increase, oil production increases and sometimes that will cause acne in patients that have never even had acne before,” Flor Mayoral, M.D., a dermatologist in South Miami, Fla. As if acne wasn’t bad enough, stress can cause your hair to fall out too! “When people are stressed out, your body also responds by taking a time out, and we really do not need hair,” Dr. Mayoral explains. Men and women can develop alopecia — bald spots of hair in the beard or scalp — when they’re under stress. … Read more