Deadly Dentistry: Death in the Dental Chair

If you are thinking about having any dental work done for yourself or your loved ones you should know that in many cases it is not without risk and can even be deadly. There are many cases of death occurring in dental offices over the years for both children and adults having dental procedures. The Dallas Morning News made an in depth piece exploring various issues surrounding death in the dental chair and the story indicated cover-up and not holding offenders accountable. The seven part piece was published in 2015 and is available at It is a lengthy investigative piece, so you will need a fair amount of time to get through the entire story. For convience the links for each of the seven parts are also provided separately below. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (which has … Read more

Elements of Lithium in Water Slows Alzheimer’s Disease Death

New research shows that trace elements of lithium in drinking water may slow down death rates from Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, rates of diabetes and obesity also decrease if there is lithium in the drinking water. Usually when one hears about something in the drinking water it is in regard to fluoride or lead. For example see the post talking about how if fluoride in drinking water lowers intelligence at Lead in drinking water was a problem for example in the Flint, Michigan, water crisis. The researchers in this study collected statistics on various lithium levels in drinking water in 234 counties in the state of Texas. Texas was used for the data on lithium levels because the researchers said it was freely available. Lithium is a water-soluble alkali metal found in mineral springs and igneous rocks. Lithium is … Read more

Asphyxia Due to Compression of the Trachea Leading to Death After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

As discussed before on this website, having a wisdom tooth extracted can in rare instances lead to death. This is expanded on over at the wisdom teeth death page At the time of writing this, at least 67 deaths have been listed on this page attributable to wisdom teeth removal. In a recent case a 74 year old man has passed away in Japan after having a mandibular wisdom tooth extracted. A case report of this is described in Wataru Kawashima, Katsuhiko Hatake, Yoshifumi Morimura, Risa Kudo, Mari Nakanishi, Shigehiro Tamaki, Shogo Kasuda, Katsuya Yuui, and Akiko Ishitani, “Asphyxial death related to postextraction hematoma in an elderly man,” Foresnic Science International, vol. 288, e47-e49, 2013. In the article the authors describe how after having wisdom teeth extracted it is possible to develop bleeding. In some cases massive bleeding and … Read more

24 Year Old Man Dies After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Recently, another unfortunate case has occurred where a 24 year old man has died after having his wisdom teeth removed in California. See this page for some additional information on death from wisdom teeth removal. Also see other blog posts such as this one 14 Year old Boy Dies Within 24 Hours of Having Wisdom Teeth Removed. In this recent case the 24 year old man saw an oral surgeon in California to have wisdom teeth extracted on March 21, 2013. He was given 6 different sedatives including propofol. During the surgery he began to cough and went into cardiac arrest. He was then taken to a hospital and was found to have two pieces of gauze in his airway. He then died three days later. It is not clear if the gauze contributed to his death. An autopsy report … Read more

Death and Greed at the Dentist: Is Your Child at Risk?

A new investigation came out recently by ABC News appearing on both “Nightline” and “World News With Diane Sawyer” looking at sedation deaths from dentistry. The story is located over on the ABC News website which appeared on July 12, 2012 and is titled “Death, Greet at the Dentist: American Children at Risk.” A synopsis of the investigation appeared on on July 13, 2012, titled “ABC News spotlights pediatric dental sedation risks.” The story over on ABC News opens up with “American children are being put at risk by inadequately trained dentists who often seek to enhance profits by sedating their young patients for even routine tooth cleaning and cavity treatments.” In the segment on “Nightline” Brian Ross says “…it is a scandal in many cases driven by dentists who are told they can increase their bottom line. Hundreds … Read more