Children Visit the Dentist More If Parents Do So

A new report in the journal Pediatrics shows that children’s level of regular dental care is strongly associated with their own parents’ dental care history. This really comes as a no brainer to me. It is noted that tooth decay and cavities is particularly common among   low-income and minority children. The researchers looked at data from the 2007 National Health Interview Survey and its Child Health Supplement. This consisted of   a cross sectional study of basic health and demographic information and answers to questions on health topics of current interest. There were around 6000 matched pairs of data regarding dental visits for both a child and parent in the same household. Among parents who reported seeing a dentist during the preceding year, 86% of children had also seen a dentist. On the other hand 64% of the children of parents … Read more – Ira Shapira

Recently launched is a new website This website is run by Dr. Ira Shapira a dentist in Gurnee, Illinois.  People should take CAUTION when viewing this site. First, the site serves as a promotion tool for Dr. Ira Shapira and other neuromuscular dentists in the U.S. Of course, since Dr. Ira Shapira is located in Illinois his practice is the only one listed when you select you live in IL. Currently the site only has one or two dentists at the most for different states. Some states such as Florida currently have no “doctor’s” listed. Secondly, the site is attempting to aid in the dentists ‘cashing’ in on the headache epidemic. In a press release by Dr. Ira Shapira he addresses a article in Medical Hypothesis (2009) “Migraine, neuropathic pain and nociceptive pain: Towards a unifying concept.“ This article … Read more

Treatment Varies Wildly Among Dentists in UK

There is an extremely interesting article posted by Ross Slater over at The article discusses how Ross went to visit six (6) different private dentists in the UK after having not seen an NHS dentist for over a year. He wanted to see what they would say about his teeth and not all the dentists that he had no current problems with his teeth. The results were quite surprising. As the number of fillings recommended varied from zero (o) to five (5). The total bill was also wildly varied at each dentist as was the teeth that needed fillings when it was told one was needed. Read the entire article if you are interested to learn more about the varying dental care found.

Sexual Assault in the Dental Chair

I have reported previously on two separate oral surgeons and assault of women during oral surgery. You can find the articles at and at Another case has come to light of Benva Oshana Lazar who so far has been accused by 8 patients who have said of groping during office visits. This is currently being reported in MercuryNews. Similarly one of the patients accused the San Jose dentist of groping her during a wisdom teeth extraction procedure. One of the women who is alleging  sexual abuse is 14 years old. I wonder if the judge this time will also find the dentist not guilty because the women were on “propofol” during the dentist visits and a known side affect is “sexual hallucinations”. This is a ridiculous  claim and clearly if you are a patient at the dentist you … Read more

Orange Juice Bad For Teeth

Researchers at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health wanted to see the negative effects on the tooth from using whitening products. Eastman Institute’s YanFang Ren, DDS, PhD, and his researchers looked at the effects of 6 percent hydrogen peroxide which the common ingredient in professional and over-the-counter whitening product. They also looked at acidic fruit juices and found that orange juice markedly decreased hardness and increased roughness of tooth enamel. The researchers found that the acid is so strong that the tooth is literally washed away. The orange juice decreased enamel hardness by 84 percent.” However, no significant change in hardness or surface enamel was found when they looked at teeth whitening products. Weakened and eroded enamel may speed up the wear of the tooth and increases the risk for tooth decay. Like soda and acidic fruit juices orange juice … Read more