Evidence Base for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Journals

An interesting articled titled “The evidence base for oral and maxillofacial surgery: 10-year analysis of two journals,” appeared in the January 2012 edition of the British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (vol. 50, issue 1, pages 45-48) wirrten by Amandip Sandhu. The author opens by discussing an editorial in the Lancet in 1996 which discussed how there is a lack of scientific rigor in surgical research. The author states “There is a well established hierarchy of levels of evidence, and the medical community considers that meta-analyses and randomised controlled trials (RCTs) are the most scientifically stringent means of investigating the efficacy of one intervention against another. Other grades of evidence (in increasing weakness of level of evidence) are case controlled studies, comparative studies, case series, correlation studies and expert committee reports, and the clinical experiences of respected authorities.” The … Read more

What is Science Up to?

A hilarious piece aired on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart back in October 26, 2011 titled “Science: What’s It Up To?” In the segment Aasif Mandvi sits down with Republican Strategist Noelle Nikpour She says “Scientists are scamming the American people right and left for their own financial gain.” Aasif Mandvi comments “Why are surgeons the only ones allowed to perform surgeries and other surgeons are the only ones who get to say whether this surgery is necessary or not? Doesn’t make any sense. And the only other people that can check to make sure that they are not manipulating ….are other scientists.” Dr. Martin Chalfie later comments “All that we do in science is subjected to peer review.” Of course the issue as pointed it in the segment is that the peers are other scientists like them. Watch … Read more

Physicians for A National Health Program

While I have linked to the Physicians for a National Health Program before I don’t think I have discussed their website and ideals in any significant way. For those not familiar Physicians for a National Health Program abbreviated PNHP says they are at the “forefront of research and action for a single-payer national health program.” This is for the United States. The website features articles of interest that are updated daily. For example a recent article posted is titled “Forum probes health care.” In the article there is a quote by Nick Egnatz, an activitist, “There’s something wrong with a system that doesn’t take care of everyone.” PNHP also features a blog that is also updated quite frequently with posts of interest. Much of the site that is updated daily is managed by PNHP’s Senior Health Policy Fellow Don McCanne, … Read more


ENURGI is a  web-based health care services company that connects families and patients in need with local, clinical caregivers across the U.S. The website allows patients, family members, and caregivers the ability to manage the care process online. ENURGI is the first web-based company to aggregate and create a clinical caregiver database for families and patients in need of home health care to access and connect with. There are over 1,000,000 clinicians within it’s caregiver database for families and patients in need to access when seeking a licensed clinician, certified nurses aide, or home health aide. If you are a licensed caregiver you can conduct a quick zip code search to see if you are listed in the caregiver database. If you are not you can register your information. Then you you can find patients in your area who are … Read more