When Abstinence is Evidence-Based

I came across a 2012 talk Jay W. Friedman gave titled “When Abstinence is Evidence-Based: The Case Against Prophylactic Third Molar Extractions,” at the 2012 National Oral Health Conference. The PowerPoint for the talk is located over at http://www.nationaloralhealthconference.com/docs/presentations/2012/05-02/Jay%20Friedman.pdf (I have mirrored it over at http://www.teethremoval.com/When_abstinence_is_evidenced_based.pdf). For those not aware of Jay W. Friedman you can start by reading the post American Journal of Public Health Author Jay W. Friedman is 2009 Author of the Year and Looking at the Concept of Prevention in Dentistry. Some interesting graphics appear in the talk, a few which I have included in this post. The talk is very concise and to the point and very informative for anyone considering whether or not to extract wisdom teeth (third molars). I will now provide a brief overview of the talk, but encourage you to look … Read more

American Journal of Public Health Author Jay W. Friedman is 2009 Author of the Year

I wanted to alert everyone who have have missed it that Jay W. Friedman was the American Journal of Public Health Author of the year. Jay W. Friedman is a retired dentist now living in California. He has his own website http://www.wix.com/simcoe/jay/ and has received a lot of attention here on www.teethremoval.com. Jay W. Friedman was selected for this honor for his articled titled “The Prophylactic Extraction of Third Molars: A Public Health Hazard.” which has been reproduced on my website courtesy of Jay W. Friedman and the American Journal of Public Health at http://www.teethremoval.com/the_prophylactic_extraction_of_third_molars.html. The reasons for the selection of Jay W. Friedman as the AJPH author of the year can be found in an article found on Jay W. Friendman’s personal site. It has also been added at http://www.teethremoval.com/AJPH-2009_Author_of_the_Year-1.pdf in case you have difficulty finding it. Deborah Holtzman … Read more