Gut Microbes can Worsen Neurodegenerative Conditions

Research has shown that microbial organisms in the gut can influence health and disease in many ways. More recent research has shown that gut microbes may cause or worsen neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. Now researchers at the University of Louisville and University of Michigan have proposed a new term to describe an interaction between gut microbiota and the brain. The term “mapranosis” has been coined for the process by which amyloid proteins produced by microbes (bacteria, fungi and others) alter the structure of proteins (proteopathy) and enhance inflammation in the nervous system, thereby initiating or augmenting brain disease. The researchers hope that by giving the process a name a greater sense of awareness of the process will occur and help with additional research needed for therapeutic opportunities. The researchers feel it is important to define the ways … Read more