Free Speech Rights For Patients Online

An interesting article appears over on over at titled “Lawsuit claims dentist stifled patients’ free speech rights” by Donna Domino and posted on Dec. 1 2011. A discussion is made of a New York dentist and a class action lawsuit that was filed in late November. The complaint was filed by the Public Citizen Litigation Group. In the case a patient went to the New York dentist and signed an agreement by Medical Justice  in which the patient agreed not to denigrate or disparage the dentist on the Internet or other broadcast media. The patient went to the dentist because of a sore tooth and was charged $4,766 for two office visits. The patient says the insurance claim was sent to the wrong insurance company and was 25 times the going rate. The patient requested his records so … Read more

Dentist and Patient Flame War over Reasons People and Dentists Hate Each Other

A recent post was made by a 36 year old female dentist who has recently decided to leave the profession. Of course she couldn’t just leave dentistry, she had to cut her hair and write a post about the 10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too Reading over the 10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too I totally see where she is coming from. The first on her list is often patients sit down and the first thing they say is “I hate the dentist.” Other issues on her list include patients not brushing their teeth before the appointment, complaining about the size of the bill after the work was completed, failing to get a cavity or filling performed when it is recommended, not showing up or canceling at the last minute for an appointment, and … Read more

Potentially Rare Complications of Having a Tooth Removed

Last week an article appeared in the Post Tribune by the Chicago Sun Times titled “Tooth extraction brings unlikely complications,” written by Mark Taylor and published November 27, 2011. A discussion is made of a 58 year old man who came down with a toothache in wisdom tooth #31. He gets an appointment with an oral surgeon who pulls the tooth. Five days later he comes down with a severe headache and begins to lose control of his right hand. He eventually ends up at a hospital emergency room and an MRI is taken. He tells them that he just had a tooth pulled but they tell him it is a brain tumor and it has to come out. During the surgery the doctor realizes there is no tumor and later tests show fluid in the brain which included … Read more

Music to Listen to After Wisdom Teeth Removal: Jazz Songs

I have previously posted entries on some music you can listen to after having your wisdom teeth removal. See this post for some great rock and roll songs and see this post for some excellent musicians on YouTube who are worth a listen. Now I would like to continue with some more music you can listen to after having wisdom teeth extracted with a focus on some excellent jazz songs. Dave Koz – Together Again. I have seen Dave Koz a few times live and he is an excellent saxophone player. Kaori Kobayashi – Walk in the Night. Suprisingly I have only learned of Kaori Kobayashi recently. She is from Japan and I play the saxophone myself so I tend to enjoy saxophone players. Mindi Abair – Smile Peter White and Grover Washington Jr. – Midnight in Manhattan … Read more

Do Teeth Define Your Personality?

I was alerted to an interesting infographic that was just produced by The infographic discusses some different characteristics of teeth. It also discusses some statistics about how 164 million work hours per year are spent treating dental problems for adults and 51 million school hours per year are spent treating dental problems for children. (Click to enlarge) [Via: Carrington College’s Dental Assisting Training Program]