What is Science Up to?

A hilarious piece aired on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart back in October 26, 2011 titled “Science: What’s It Up To?” In the segment Aasif Mandvi sits down with Republican Strategist Noelle Nikpour She says “Scientists are scamming the American people right and left for their own financial gain.” Aasif Mandvi comments “Why are surgeons the only ones allowed to perform surgeries and other surgeons are the only ones who get to say whether this surgery is necessary or not? Doesn’t make any sense. And the only other people that can check to make sure that they are not manipulating ….are other scientists.” Dr. Martin Chalfie later comments “All that we do in science is subjected to peer review.” Of course the issue as pointed it in the segment is that the peers are other scientists like them. Watch … Read more

Fraud and Abuse in Medicaid Clinics

I have previously discussed on this blog how students graduating from medical school have an average debt of around $158,000 and the average debt of those graduating from undergraduate college is around $27,000 in the U.S.  In fact, the video called College Conspiracy http://blog.teethremoval.com/college-conspiracy-and-united-states-hyperinflation/ profiles a dentist who is stuck with with high loans from school  (around the 11 minute mark). One quote appearing in this video is “…as soon as you get out of school you are indentured for life.” This figure below showing the inflation cost of college tuition (in blue), medical care (in red), and general inflation (in black) from http://www.leftbusinessobserver.com/College.html pretty much tells more of the story. In fact I would argue that college tuition costs and medical costs are correlated with each other and you should be able to calculate some sort of correlation coefficient. An interesting article titled “Our Junior Colleagues … Read more

Wellsphere Health Blogger Scam

Back in September 2008, I received an email which is at the bottom of this post. It was the most convincing email I have ever received that actually was a scam. It wanted me to join Wellsphere and become a blogger using the content I have already published on this blog. As it turned out several months ago, I somehow missed this, anyone who signed up for Wellsphere turned over full rights to their published work. I encourage you to read the following posts for more detailed information. I am really quite upset that an MD would defraud thousands of health bloggers. I never was tricked into signing up with Wellsphere, but I did think about it as the email was very hard to turn down. http://www.getbetterhealth.com/how-the-health-blogosphere-was-scammed/2009.01.28 http://www.chronicbabe.com/articles/797/ ——- Sept 25, 2008 Hi , I was searching online for the … Read more